Custom Reports
SEMrush can compile a custom report for any set of keywords and/or domains, or from ANY local version of Google (even those not currently included in SEMrush data).
This is one of our areas of expertise. We regularly collect massive amounts of Google and Bing SERP-related information, including domain positions in organic and paid search results for more than 106 million keywords, statistics relative to the volume of searches and the number of results, CPC values, ad copies, backlinks, and much more. Therefore, we have data that we can compile for your customized report at any time.
Fair prices
Custom reports are priced according to many parameters, such as the number of keywords to be analyzed, the version of Google, specific requirements, frequency of updates, etc. We will gladly work with you to meet your specific needs.
Below are some examples of the types of custom reports we offer:
Database of Indonesian keywords
Reports on large sites (example: over 12 million keywords for
All AdWords Ads for the US Google database
An extensive list of all real estate keywords
Custom database results for regions not currently covered through SEMrush’s regular service
A list of popular domains with customized parameters
A complete list of AdWords advertisers
"How-to" keywords for various languages
The possibilities are endless! Just let us know what you’re looking for!
Requesting information
We are at your service. Please specify in the form below, with as much detail as possible, the information and options you’re interested in.
After receiving your request, a specialist from the SEMrush Team will contact you to discuss any further details.