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How can you compare keywords for two domains? Start by entering the domain name of your site in the first input field. Then, enter a domain name of the site of your competitor into the next input field. Next, choose the intersection type of your preference between those two input fields (different intersection types are explained in the second column). You can also choose which type of rankings you want to compare (“organic” or “adwords”). In all, there are a total of five input fields so you can compare keywords for five different domains!
Common Keywords
Unique Keywords
All Keywords
Unique to the first domain's keywords
This is a list of keywords that is produced according to your choice of domain names and the type of intersection selected. Let's consider a simple example: x – The resulting table will consist of keywords that both and are ranked in TOP 20, and at the same time is not ranked in TOP 20.
This chart presents you with a visual representation of the relation of sets of keywords according to the domain(s) and intersection(s) of your choice (see more: Venn diagram). These charts are approximate and should provide you with an idea of the whole picture (this is particularly true in the case of 4 or 5 domains). To receive the function’s full capability, be sure to use latest versions of modern browsers!
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