Apr ' 15
Google’s mobile algorithm update is now the hottest topic in SEO. While adapting your website to mobile-friendly guidelines, you are probably wondering: Which of your website’s pages are mobile-friendly and which of them aren’t? Is there a difference between mobile and desktop search results? What is your website’s mobile search visibility?
Today we are happy to announce the launch of mobile data for Organic, Advertising and Keyword Research reports! Read more...
Apr ' 15
All digital marketing communities are preparing for Google’s major mobile algorithm update, which is scheduled for April 21. SEMrush will help your website become mobile-friendly!
Setting up a mobile viewport is a must for mobile-friendliness. Read more...
Apr ' 15
You’ve no doubt already heard that Google is going to change its mobile search algorithm. Is your website ready for this update? Find out with the SEMrush Site Audit tool!
Before, site crawling was processed with the desktop user agent.
Now, the Site Audit tool can crawl your website with the mobile user agent! Read more...
Apr ' 15
Now you can automatically receive an estimate of how difficult it would be to overrun your organic competitors with a particular keyword. Read more...

Our US customers have enjoyed SEMrush PLA Data since October 2014. Today we are happy to announce that all PLA reports are available for Google’s European databases as well as for Canada, Australia and Brazil! Read more...

Mar ' 15
Understanding your e-commerce competitors’ current PLA strategies is crucial in order to stay ahead of them. Analyzing their past tactics is indispensable for avoiding their mistakes and benefiting from their successes.
With SEMrush PLA Live Data, you could find out how your competitors are currently promoting their products. PLA Historical Data are now available, and you can learn much more about your Google Shopping competition! Read more...
When purchasing online, the price of a product is typically the first thing we pay attention to. 
Offering products for a lower price can be a great competitive advantage, especially for e-commerce. Which prices should you put in your product feeds to show up in Google Shopping results? 
To give you the ability to define the best prices for your products online, we have added a new sorting function to the PLA Copies report! Read more...
Since the redesigned Position Tracking tool went live, we’ve received a lot of feedback. We appreciate every suggestion and comment you’ve shared with us!
We’ve also received many requests to bring back the Rankings Table to the Overview report.
Now it’s back!

Big data help you make smart decisions faster, and processing and analyzing large sets of data must be fast as well.

We've improved our tools to allow SEMrush users to get near-instant results! Read more...
Feb ' 15
Anchors are an important part of any link-building strategy, as they help bots understand whether or not a website contains natural links. Do anchors of your incoming links contain relevant texts? Are your backlinks represented by raw URLs? 
To answer these questions, try the new SEMrush Anchors report! Read more...