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Aug ' 15

Not so long ago, we annouced a huge update to our PDF report service and the release of the new My Reports tool. Until now, the improvements only affected the Domain Overview report, but this week we're adding it to Position Tracking as well! Read more...

Position Tracking PDF News Preview

Aug ' 15

Site Audit: The New HTTPS Check

Because website security is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for Google, we’re introducing a new addition to SEMrush’s Site Audit tool – the HTTPS Encryption Check for your website’s homepage. Read more...

Site Audit HTTPS check preview picture

Aug ' 15

Recently, we released a huge update to our PDF report service that introduces a whole lot of improvements and even some brand new features! These include improved real-time PDF exports, report customization, and a new tool for tracking and managing created reports! Read more…

PDF Reports update news preview picture

Jul ' 15

Not so long ago, we announced the release of our new Social Media tool. This week, we’re releasing an update that adds a whole new report to this tool! The new ‘Activity’ report allows you to conduct detailed research of all social media activity generated by your company and selected competitors. Read more...

SMM Tool Activity report update news preview

Jul ' 15

Introducing the New 'Pages' Report!

Meet the latest addition to the SEMrush ‘Organic Research’ feature – the ‘Pages’ report! This new report offers a detailed list of all pages associated with a researched domain that rank in Google’s TOP 20 organic search results. Read more...

The new SEMrush 'Pages' report release news picture

Jul ' 15

Meet the New Social Media Tool!

The SEMrush Team is proud to announce the release of our brand new Social Media tool. Designed for gathering competitive intelligence on both your and your competitors’ social media accounts, the new tool will help you track social audience, activity and user engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ! Read more..


Social Media Tool release preview picture

Jul ' 15
This week we have some great interface improvements for the Position Tracking tool. Adding and managing keywords and keyword tags has become so easy, it’s actually enjoyable! Read more...
Position Tracking improved interface news picture
It’s hard to overestimate the role of accuracy in SEO, especially when you’re conducting a site audit. And as an SEO specialist, when you look through a site audit report, you can easily check and tell real issues reported for the website from those that are irrelevant. However, when you need to show the report to someone else, like your clients or co-workers, explaining all the details might not be as simple.
That’s why with this update to the Site Audit Tool, we’re introducing individual check filters! These allow SEMrush users to manually exclude specific issues from the Site Audit report and thus get extremely accurate metrics on their website’s overall health.Read more…
Exclude irrelevant issue from your Site Audit report
Jul ' 15
Today we're announcing a usability update to the Position Tracking tool: the first campaign status update email notification. As you know, collecting initial Position Tracking data can take some time, so now, whenever you start a new Position Tracking campaign, you will receive an email notification the very moment SEMrush has finished gathering data for your new campaign! Read more...
The SEMrush position tracking tool has a new email notice
Jun ' 15
The SEMrush Team is proud to announce the latest addition to our research toolbox: the Video Advertising Research feature.
The Video Advertising Research feature is a one-of-a-kind, second-to-none analytical feature designed for gathering and analyzing data on YouTube in-stream video advertisements and channels.
Want to know the magic behind it and learn how you can beat your competition just by watching YouTube videos? Read more...
SEMrush launches the new Video Advertising Research feature