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Nov ' 15

Site Audit: Statistics Report

We've recently added a new report to the Site Audit tool. As the name suggests, users can now see crawl-depth and semantic-markups statistics for all crawled pages. Read more...

Site Audit statistics report preview picture

Nov ' 15

Export Your SEO Ideas Data

We have recently improved our SEO Ideas tool by adding a feature that allows you to export data into an .xls file. The exported file will contain all URLs, keywords and ideas listed in your campaign. Read more...

SEO Ideas xls export news preview picture

Nov ' 15

We have great news for all Position Tracking users! Recently, by popular request, we have updated the Position Tracking tool with a new, extremely helpful feature that allows you to include or exclude Google's local pack rankings from all Position Tracking reports. Be sure to check out this news article to check out all the details of the new feature and learn how to use it! Read more...

Position Tracking local pack ranking preview picture

Nov ' 15

SEOquake 3.2.0 Update

We are happy to announce the release of a new update to SEOquake - our free browser extension, which displays detailed SEO parameters for any webpage on the fly. This update to version 3.2.0 introduces a major user interface improvement along with a couple of usability upgrades.

If you've never used SEOquake before and would like to learn more about it, please consult the corresponding article on our website. Otherwise, keep reading to see what's new in SEOquake 3.2.0! Read more...

SEOquake news preview picture

Nov ' 15

We promised you we wouldn't stop, and we didn't! Our hot new tool, SEO Ideas, gets better and better with each day! Today, we are excited to announce two important updates for it: first - SEO Ideas now provides ideas for improving your content in 14 languages, and second - you can now view the search volume for every keyword you're targeting. Check out the full article to learn the details! Read more...

SEO Ideas news preview picture

Oct ' 15

Site Audit: Markup Data

Lately, we've been adding lots of exciting improvements and new features to the Site Audit tool, and today we're happy to announce another one - the new Markup Data feature! Using semantic markups on your website’s pages is a relatively new thing, but in some cases it can significantly boost your SEO ranking. So now, while crawling your website, the Site Audit tool will detect various markups (like Schema.org and Open Graph) and display their details in the Page report. Read more...

Site Audit Markups feature preview picture

Oct ' 15

Domain & Phrase Categories Beta

Not so long ago, we released a seemingly unnoticeable, yet very helpful feature for some of our most popular reports - Domain and Phrase Categories - to open beta. Whenever you research a domain or a keyword phrase, this new feature will now allow you to see what category(or more precisely, which industry) it is associated with. This is particularly handy for narrowing down your research and getting more accurate results with less effort! As of now, the new feature has been added to the Domain Overview, Organic Positions and Keyword Overview reports. Go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think! Please note that during the beta test the Categories feature is available for the US database only. Read more...

Domain and Phrases categories preview picture

Oct ' 15

Schedule Your SMM Reports Delivery!

At SEMrush, we know that every minute counts in the fast-paced world of social media marketing. That's why we've recenlty added a major usability improvement to our new Social Media tool - the scheduled email reports feature. You can now schedule your reports to be delivered via email when you want them, where you want them! Read more...

SM tool emails preview picture

Oct ' 15

SEO Ideas: Open Beta

Awesome news for all SEO practitioners out there - both experts and beginners! Today we're launching a public beta test of the latest addition to our SEMrush toolkit: SEO Ideas. As the name suggests, this new tool is designed to help you improve your website's search engine ranking. Utilizing tactics from your competitors and data from other powerful SEMrush tools and reports, SEO Ideas offers a complete and structured list of things you can do to improve the search engine optimization for select pages of your website.

Full of helpful tips, SEO Ideas doesn’t just tell you what to do, it also lets you know why doing so is a good idea. If you’re new to SEO, this tool is ideal because it helps you learn by doing! Only practice makes perfect, right? Read more...

SEO Ideas News Preview Picture

Oct ' 15

Today we're happy to announce a minor, yet extremely important update to our Site Audit tool - a new feature that allows users to crawl their website with either of the two new user agents: Googlebot mobile and Googlebot desktop. This is particularly helpful if the website you're trying to audit blocks the default SEMrush crawler, or if you want to see if your website handles requests from Google's crawlers properly. In other words, you can now see what issues the Google search engine finds with your website and resolve them to improve your search ranking! Read more...

User Agent news preview picture

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