Jul ' 15
Today we're announcing a usability update to the Position Tracking tool: the first campaign status update email notification. As you know, collecting initial Position Tracking data can take some time, so now, whenever you start a new Position Tracking campaign, you will receive an email notification the very moment SEMrush has finished gathering data for your new campaign! Read more...
The SEMrush position tracking tool has a new email notice
Jun ' 15
The SEMrush Team is proud to announce the latest addition to our research toolbox: the Video Advertising Research feature.
The Video Advertising Research feature is a one-of-a-kind, second-to-none analytical feature designed for gathering and analyzing data on YouTube in-stream video advertisements and channels.
Want to know the magic behind it and learn how you can beat your competition just by watching YouTube videos? Read more...
SEMrush launches the new Video Advertising Research feature
Jun ' 15

Learn All About Crawled Pages

When you run a Site Audit, it is vital to know which of your website's pages crawlers can see. Now the Site Audit tool's improved Page Report allows you to do just that. The new Page Report now displays data for all pages crawled by SEMrush for the queried domain in a clear and well-organized tab.
As we're looking to improve the Page Report's usability, any feedback from our users would be most appreciated. If there's any additional data missing in the current version of the Page Report that you'd like to see added, please email us at Read more...
View information on all crawled pages
Jun ' 15

Our Indian Database Is Available!

Last week we announced the launch of our Japanese database. Today we have expanded our databases to include one more regional one! Now Indian database is available to you! Read more...
SEMrush launches Indian database
Jun ' 15

SEMrush Launches Japanese Database!

Because of popular demand, we are excited to announce the launch of a new regional database for Japan! Read more...
SEMrush data now available for Japan
Today brings new improvements to the SEMrush Backlink tool. To make your backlink analysis even easier and even more useful, we're introducing new options in the Anchors and Referring Domains reports. Read more...
SEMrush: Improved Backlink Analysis: Check backlinks at the anchor or referring domain level image 1
Search engines' rankings algorithms become more complicated but their approach to backlink estimation stays unchangeable--quality dominates quantity. Even if there are thousands of backlinks that are coming to your website, they are not necessarily transferring desirable link juice and boosting your ranking. If a large number of your backlinks are considered spammy, your link profile can be negatively impacted.
To help you estimate the quality of your backlinks, SEMrush now shows you each backlink's Page Score. Read more...
SEMrush: Estimate the quality of your backlinks with SEMrush Page Score image 1
May ' 15
While conducting a technical SEO audit, the more you know about a webpage, the more issues you can fix. Now the Site Audit tool allows you to get more information about your webpages! Read more...
SEMrush: Learn more about your pages with the Site Audit tool image 1
May ' 15

Pull SEMrush PLA data via API!

Last year we released 3 reports containing Product Listing Ads analytics data. Now you can do whatever you like with these data! Read more...


May ' 15

Are you promoting your products or services with video ads, monetizing your YouTube channel, or developing an ad network? Then, we have some news for you!

Next week, SEMrush opens beta testing for its new Video Advertising Research tools. Read more...

SEMrush: New SEMrush Video Analytics Data: Beta Testers Wanted! image 1