Search engines' rankings algorithms become more complicated but their approach to backlink estimation stays unchangeable--quality dominates quantity. Even if there are thousands of backlinks that are coming to your website, they are not necessarily transferring desirable link juice and boosting your ranking. If a large number of your backlinks are considered spammy, your link profile can be negatively impacted.
To help you estimate the quality of your backlinks, SEMrush now shows you each backlink's Page Score. Read more...
SEMrush: Estimate the quality of your backlinks with SEMrush Page Score image 1
May ' 15
While conducting a technical SEO audit, the more you know about a webpage, the more issues you can fix. Now the Site Audit tool allows you to get more information about your webpages! Read more...
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May ' 15

Pull SEMrush PLA data via API!

Last year we released 3 reports containing Product Listing Ads analytics data. Now you can do whatever you like with these data! Read more...


May ' 15

Are you promoting your products or services with video ads, monetizing your YouTube channel, or developing an ad network? Then, we have some news for you!

Next week, SEMrush opens beta testing for its new Video Advertising Research tools. Read more...

SEMrush: New SEMrush Video Analytics Data: Beta Testers Wanted! image 1

Apr ' 15

Now you can broaden your SEO analysis with the SEMrush Audit tool! Before you could only launch a 10,000-page audit. Now, our SEO analysis tool can crawl up to 20,000 pages per project at once. Read more...

SEMrush: The Site Audit tool crawls 2 times more pages! image 1

Apr ' 15
Google’s mobile algorithm update is now the hottest topic in SEO. While adapting your website to mobile-friendly guidelines, you are probably wondering: Which of your website’s pages are mobile-friendly and which of them aren’t? Is there a difference between mobile and desktop search results? What is your website’s mobile search visibility?
Today we are happy to announce the launch of mobile data for Organic, Advertising and Keyword Research reports! Read more...
SEMrush: SEMrush launches mobile data analytics! image 1
Apr ' 15
All digital marketing communities are preparing for Google’s major mobile algorithm update, which is scheduled for April 21. SEMrush will help your website become mobile-friendly!
Setting up a mobile viewport is a must for mobile-friendliness. Read more...
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Apr ' 15
You’ve no doubt already heard that Google is going to change its mobile search algorithm. Is your website ready for this update? Find out with the SEMrush Site Audit tool!
Before, site crawling was processed with the desktop user agent.
Now, the Site Audit tool can crawl your website with the mobile user agent! Read more...
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Apr ' 15
Now you can automatically receive an estimate of how difficult it would be to overrun your organic competitors with a particular keyword. Read more...
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Our US customers have enjoyed SEMrush PLA Data since October 2014. Today we are happy to announce that all PLA reports are available for Google’s European databases as well as for Canada, Australia and Brazil! Read more...

SEMrush: PLA Data are now available for Europe, Canada, Australia and Brazil! image 1