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Position tracking is available for you to monitor any daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and Adwords keywords in Google. To begin, simply click "Start a new campaign."
First, select a domain and then enter the desired local Google settings. From there, you can add your competitors and choose the keywords for which you or your competitors are getting (or want to get) traffic. Finally, your campaign is created.
Watch the daily position of selected keywords for your domain and the domains of your competitors. You can view a detailed comparison of the positions for various competitors and export these data for a further, in-depth analysis.
You don't have to visit the interface constantly to check the status of your campaigns. We will send weekly, detailed reports on your campaigns so that you can conveniently view results directly from your e-mail and respond appropriately.
Export data
You are allowed to export first 10 lines of report, based on account limit.
Please note that filters will be applied to exported data.
For a full export, please contact us for a custom report.
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