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Free online course How to Start Selling on Amazon with Robyn Johnson

Learn all you need to know to successfully launch products on Amazon with Robyn Johnson - one of the US' leaders on the topic of selling on, who started with $100 and in 4 years grew her business to the seven-figure mark, now focusing on brands generating $100,000 - 5,000,000 a year in e-commerce.

How to Start Selling on Amazon with Robyn Johnson: Course Content

  • Lesson 1. Intro

    Quickly learn the four most common ways to sell on Amazon and what you need to know before you open your account.

  • Lesson 2. How to Open a Selling Account on Amazon

    Robyn covers best practices for creating an account with any of the platforms on Amazon and some of the most commonly asked questions people have when opening an account.

  • Lesson 3. How to Sell on Amazon Prime

    Making a product available with a Prime offer can increase conversions by over 300%! Learn how you can make your items available on Amazon with the Prime badge and more reasons why this is so important when selling on Amazon.

  • Lesson 4. How Does Kindle Direct Publishing Work?

    Learn how the Kindle Direct Publishing platform works so you have a basic understanding of fees and royalties for Kindle, ebooks or print-on-demand books.

  • Lesson 5. Amazon Vendor Central Fees

    Discover how Vendor Central program fees work and what you can expect if you get invited to this program.

  • Lesson 6. Amazon Seller Central Fees

    Understanding how fees are structured on Amazon Seller Central before you list anything is essential. In this lesson, Robyn will break down the various fees and what you need to keep in mind when selling on this platform.

  • Lesson 7. Introduction to Amazon Brand Registry

    Robyn will break down the basics of the Amazon Brand Registry program, one of the most important programs you need to understand if you manufacture your own products or are the owner of a brand selling on Amazon.

  • Lesson 8. How to Get Better Search Results on Amazon

    After this lesson, you will walk away with a basic understanding of how the Amazon Search Algorithm works so that you have the foundation to understand the best practices to market your products on Amazon.

  • Lesson 9. What Can I Sell on Amazon?

    Learn how to find out if a product can be sold on Amazon or not, and which products may not be eligible to be sold through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

  • Lesson 10. What Should I Sell on Amazon?

    Identifying the right items to sell on Amazon isn't as easy as it sounds. In this lesson, Robyn will go over some of the considerations you should look at when identifying if you want to sell on Amazon.

  • Lesson 11. Keeping your Amazon Seller Central Account Healthy

    To sustain your success on Amazon you need to understand its culture. In this lesson, Robyn will show you how you can keep your account healthy and understand Amazon guiding principles that will give you a competitive edge over other Amazon sellers and vendors.

  • Lesson 12. Amazon Seller Metrics to Keep an Eye On

    Learn the important metrics that every seller on Amazon should keep an eye on so you can watch out for potential issues and keep your Amazon seller account in good standing.

12 lessons

Exclusive video lessons with Amazon advertising and listing optimization expert Robyn Johnson

1 hour

Learn how to start selling on Amazon in just 1 hour

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The course is 100% free. Use your free Semrush account to access all the lessons!

Who is this course for?

If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon, but aren't sure where to start, then this course is for you. Robyn will go over all the basics of selling on Amazon so you can hit the ground running. The course is for people who have just opened an account and it gives them the basics they need to begin selling on the Amazon platform.

About the author

Robyn Johnson is a world-renowned Amazon consultant and expert and SEO of Marketplace Blueprint, a marketing agency specializing in marketing on Amazon. She has the trust and respect of the Amazon reseller community for providing no fluff, high-quality, and accurate coaching and coursework for the Amazon marketplace.

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