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FREE online PPC coursePPC Fundamentals Course with Joel Bondorowsky

Get to know the basics of PPC from one of the world's most respected advertising specialists.

36 lessons

36 video lessons crafted in cooperation with PPC expert Joel Bondorowsky

5 hours

In just 5 hours you will learn the fundamentals as well as different facets of pay-per-click advertising

100% free

The course is 100% free! Save your money for your future PPC campaigns

PPC Fundamentals Course Contents

  • Module 1. PPC Overview

    This module provides an overview of PPC — you will find out exactly what PPC is.

  • Module 2. Strategy

    Successful PPC campaigns have a sound strategy in place at their core. Learn how to create your strategy and budget accordingly. We'll also cover sales and decision-making funnels, as well as establishing conversions.

    Key points of the module:
    • What is 'PPC Strategy'

    • Understanding Sales Funnels

    • Understanding The Decision Making Funnel

    • Establishing Conversions Along Your Funnel

    • Using Landing Pages

    • Setting Aside PPC Budget

  • Module 3. Search Advertising

    Become a PPC expert as you learn how to set up your PPC campaigns. Drive relevant traffic to your website that converts into customers. You will find out how to set up your PPC search advertising campaigns with Google Ads.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to Search Advertising

    • Search Campaign Anatomy

    • Search Campaign Setup

    • Keyword Match Types

    • Intro to Keyword Research

    • Building Keyword Lists

    • Adding Keywords to Ad Groups

    • Writing and Testing Your First Ads

  • Module 4. Shopping Campaigns

    Successful shopping campaigns attract motivated shoppers who are looking for the right seller. In this module, we'll help you convert shoppers into buyers as we introduce you to shopping campaigns, help you set up your Merchant Center and your data feed, and launch your own shopping campaign.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to PLA (Shopping) Campaigns

    • Setting Up Merchant Center and Your Data Feed

    • Launching Your Shopping Campaign

  • Module 5. Display Advertising

    An effective display advertising campaign attracts and motivates potential customers. Learn how to use display ads to build your business.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to Display Advertising

    • Display Campaign Setup

    • Display Ad Formats and Creation

    • Display Campaign Targeting

    • Display Campaign Optimization

  • Module 6. Universal App Campaigns

    You will learn how to promote your mobile app in Google Search Results, the Display Network, the Google Play Store, and on YouTube with Universal App Campaigns.

    Key points of the module:
    • Intro to Universal App Campaigns

    • Setting Your Universal App Campaign

    • Universal App Campaign Best Practices

  • Module 7. Bidding and budgeting

    Setting bids and budgeting for a campaign determine how successful it will be. Learn how to maximize your PPC campaign's profitability. You will get advice on how to set bids and budgets to ensure that your money is well spent.

    Key points of the module:
    • The Value of a Click

    • Multidimensional Bidding

    • Conversion Optimizer

    • Campaign Budgeting

  • Module 8. Multi-Touch Conversions

    Not all conversions happen on the first visit. Some take place after multiple visits from multiple traffic sources.

    Key points of the module:
    • Introduction to Multi-Channel Conversions

    • The Role of The Home Page

    • Branded Search Campaigns

    • An Easy SEO Win for PPC Gains

    • Bring Back Lost Users with Remarketing

Who is this course for?

This course is created for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to become a pay-per-click specialist, or to be able to launch and manage PPC campaigns on their own. It will help you avoid losing money on Google Ads by teaching you how to create effective, successful, and profitable PPC campaigns.

About the author

Joel Bondorowsky is the founder of PPC Designs and a total PPC addict with more than 20 years experience under his belt. Throughout his career, Joel has launched advertising campaigns for more than a thousand businesses with an aggregate budget numbering hundreds of millions of dollars.

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