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What is 'PPC Strategy'

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What is 'PPC Strategy'?

Launching a Pay Per Click, or PPC, campaign is easy. However, just because you can do it, doesn't mean it will be successful.

If you're thinking about starting your own PPC campaign or want to review whether what you're currently doing is the best it can be, then before you do anything else you need to consider forming a strategy.

First, let's review what PPC is about and what the strategy might look like.

PPC on Google AdWords and Facebook

We're going to start by looking at the two big ones: Google AdWords and Facebook.

There's a reason that platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook have made it so anyone can use them. You don't need technical skills or any advertising know-how, you just need an account on either platform.

An AdWords account can be created in just a few clicks and launched just as easily, by following their step-by-step process. This process, incidentally, includes entering your billing details. Before you know it, you're paying for clicks to your website.

Facebook makes it even easier by prompting you to turn your existing Facebook posts into ads. They do this by using a very important part of any PPC strategy – a call to action. In the case of Facebook, this call to action might be a simple invitation to 'Boost this post'. If you click through and agree to do this, you'll find you're suddenly paying for people to see your post.

Why you need a PPC strategy

It's great that setting up a PPC campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook is so easy, but following their instructions will only mean that you've successfully launched a campaign. The campaign itself may or may not be successful, there are no guarantees. You will spend money on clicks, but most likely you will not earn more from those clicks than they cost you.

What you need is an effective PPC strategy.

You need a strategy behind the way you use the tools, messages, and images that the PPC platform provides. All of this serves to have your ads seen by qualified internet users, users that have, or could have, intent to buy. You need a well-planned strategy behind both the ads themselves and the steps the users take on your website in order to convert.

What is a PPC strategy?

A good PPC strategy will consider four key things: what tools you need, how to serve the most appealing and clickable ads, who you want to serve these ads to, and where the ads take your user or customer.

In a broader sense, PPC strategy is about creating or tapping into a desire for your product or service, making sure that the right people at the right time learn that your product fulfils this need or desire, and then showing them how to get it.

In many ways, it's about taking your customer on a journey.

Creating a Customer Journey or Marketing Funnel

Whatever you want to call it, 'customer journey' or 'marketing funnel', the bottom line is that you need to have a strategy for how you reach a portion of those billion internet users and lead them from point A to point B, or from that initial click to a tangible sale.

Most users embarking on this journey, by clicking on your ads, will not finish it. You need to establish milestones along the way to help optimize your traffic as well as to optimize the path you take users on so that they become paying customers. For that to happen, you need a strategy behind how you track and measure the progress of users along the journey.

Before we dive into actual PPC advertising, which is about showing your ads and getting users to begin their journey, you need to plan the route they take to its end: to the sale. Think of it like really good Google Maps directions. If the directions are poor, they could get lost along the way and go from being a potential sale to one of those billion internet users out there that will never buy your product or service.

In the next lesson, I will explain sales funnels and how they work.

PPC Strategy: Lesson Summary

To recap, in this lesson we talked about the difference between launching a PPC campaign and actually creating a successful PPC campaign. We looked at what a PPC strategy might look like, and how creating a customer journey is an important part of any strategy.