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FREE online courseRole of Content Course with Eric Enge

Learn how to improve and enrich your SEO strategy by creating useful content that feeds users’ needs. Explore how links can improve your website’s visibility and increase conversion rate with top SEO expert Eric Enge.

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Exclusive video lessons with digital marketing expert Eric Enge

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Role of Content course contents

  • Lesson 1. The basics of SEO content

    You'll dive into the basic points of SEO content, learn the course structure, and know what to focus on while improving an SEO strategy.

  • Lesson 2. What is E-A-T and how important is it?

    Eric will explain the basics of the E-A-T concept, teaching you how content breadth and width can impact your SEO success. You'll also learn the meaning of Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) queries.

  • Lesson 3. Why content is important for SEO

    You will learn how you can use content to effectively drive SEO, discover why users' needs are important to track, and analyze your digital marketing campaigns. Eric will also share practical cases to demonstrate to you how the amount of content published affects online visibility.

  • Lesson 4. How users' needs impact content depth

    You'll find out how users' needs impact the depth and breadth of the content on your website, and explore how the query and the true needs are connected. You will also focus on the importance of UX in SEO strategy.

  • Lesson 5. The basics of links and PageRank

    You will get an understanding of the basic aspects of links and PageRank, diving deeper into the interconnection of content strategy and link relevance.

  • Lesson 6. The evolution of SEO ranking factors

    You will explore case studies and get insights on how links can improve rankings and discover what signals inform Google about content quality.

  • Lesson 7. Backlink analysis

    Eric will show you how to do backlink analysis with Semrush. You will learn how to analyze links and research your competitors' backlink profiles to get content ideas.

  • Lesson 8. Link relevance

    In this lesson, Eric will guide you through the understanding of why link relevance is so important. You will also find out what types of links are worth acquiring and what content is link-worthy.

  • Lesson 9. The power of informational content

    You'll discover the benefits of informational content, getting insights on page speed and learning the basics of added-value mindset and how to implement it in your content strategy.

  • Lesson 10. Content hubs vs. blogs

    In this lesson, Eric will bring you deeper into the world of hubs and blogs. You'll discover the best places to publish your content and learn about categorized tag pages and search engines' priorities when ranking and indexing content.

Who is this course for?

Whether you’re a marketing team leader, a content expert or an SEO-addicted specialist, if you’re seeking to improve your SEO strategy and implement great content and links to gain online visibility, take this course to get precious insights on the role of content in SEO.

About the author

Eric Enge is an SEO consultant, entrepreneur, and public speaker who participates in dozens of conferences every year. A CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and author of “The Art of SEO”, Eric is a prolific contributor to Forbes, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Engine Watch and other top industry media. During his 20-year journey as a digital marketer, Eric has experienced operating and expanding an agency, hiring employees, communicating the value of SEO to potential clients, and investing in thought leadership. Now, Eric shares his knowledge and insights in the Role of Content course made in collaboration with Semrush Academy.

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