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Bedrock Humanised Intelligence

Bedrock Humanised Intelligence

Patner with Change

Gijon, Asturias, Spain

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The Partner with Change for People & Organisations in Need of Ethical Data Science & AI.

We help people to manage change in organisations to incorporate agnostic Data Science, Engineering and Advanced Analytics solutions.

We help to bridge the gap between science and business to create value across consumer journeys using data clean rooms at the core.

We do this by using our unique model for building Companies, Services & Stakeholder Value called DATA BY DESIGN:

We put people first, we design and develop change programs using data science and Artificial Intelligence for those who need solutions to help redefine their business and remain competitive

We navigate tech, data, science, business and institutional ecosystems with a neutral approach (we don´t sell or re-sell software) and create improved solutions and customer experiences for our clients on top of current setups and tech stacks.

Our openness and sustainable view of the future is why we co-founded LA PIPA IS LA PIPA, the pioneering Knowledge & Change Non-for-profit project based out of a 200-year-old cider mill in Asturias (northern Spain) that surprises and delights a growing number of senior international business people, institutions and the academia alike who are already an active part of its community.

Success stories


Understand TV investment tactics that influence loss/gain of Market Share (MS) and Share of Voice (SOV) for 2 products.


Data architecture and mechanisms that allowed input of +2years of TV/digitalmetrics together with investment, sell-in and sell-out (sales) figures. Attribution Modelling to reveal the performance of strategy. Media Mix Modelling: Predictive Analytics to design the ideal media mix.


Found actionable insights that Business Intelligence and descriptive analytics could not reveal. Defined a tactical strategy that allowed 14% of MS and 22% SoV to be regained in less than 3 months.


Correlating advertising data with media investment figures, advanced web analytics and sales information is the critical starting point for marketing teams to make quick and effective decisions.


Cleansing, joining, and processing data from all these disparate sources was made possible once Bedrock ideated and developed an adaptable custom architecture that automated the retrieval of data sets, regardless of their format.


60% reduction of the time spent on data mining and manual processing tasks. Marketing teams gained a holistic view of all activities and deepened their knowledge of the tactical metrics that influence digital advertising campaigns.

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