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Social Media, Media, Digital Marketing & Advertising agency seeking to advance the world of communication between the consumer, business, client and brand. We cater to businesses in the consulting and financial sector trying to buy or sell. We also have a creative niche focused on the music industry creating artist identities with the birth of new album covers, NFTs, music and managing their presence with their individual social media accounts. We also cater to fashion brands, telecom companies, fleet leasing and rental automotive brands. We run social ad campaigns, compose and structure campaign concepts which are at the forefront of every industry. Developing a relationship between a business and business for B2B clients or accounts and between the consumer, customer or client with B2C accounts or clients. Seeking to close the gap for communication and understanding of the product or service directly and smoothly for each client with stunningly visual campaigns and campaign assets for each individual industry.

  • $5,000+
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