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iCita llc

iCita llc

Personalized digital marketing and web services

United States

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Small Business

Products, services and marketing reporting focused on the challenges and goals of small businesses in digital marketing, SEO, localization, mapping, and website management.

Mid-Size Business

iCita works with larger companies as we become an indispensable resource supporting departments and executives through our strategic marketing reports, consultation, marketing automation, and competitive analysis.

Websites and Ecommerce

Our services include simple support requests and landing pages to advanced WordPress functionality. Over 20 years experience building and managing clients worldwide.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Creating targeted marketing campaigns and customized reporting for social media, PPC, advertising with the analytics to make the best decisions. Our communication methods target your audience and the customer journey.

Mobile and Customization

Your mobile app experience builds customer retention. We not only build, we engineer and design highly downloaded apps.

Dedicated Team

Teams and project managers that are responsive and understand the target strategy, audience, and technology.

Success stories


Increase brand awareness, online booking, and website visits for a Colorado based autobody repair shop with multiple locations. Increase position on mobile maps and "near me" voice searched.


Branding advertising and look-alike audience through Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. SEO optimization of website and functionalilty for online booking and segmentation by store location.


Increased sales enough in four locations to purchase and open two new locations in the past twelve months. This put the owner in a position where he received offers to be purchased by his competition at more than he had his company valued at. Ran campaigns for new employee prospecting online.


Create a mobile app for both Apple and Google Play that used the content in a Wordpress website to populate the content in the app. This included any updates made to the website would be reflected in the app.


Create a mirror database of Wordpress then put key processes in place that synced content pieces between databases when it was updated. Then push these updates to the app on a scheduled basis.


Created and launched two apps that were tested by the CEO and VP as the first official customers. Apps are still in use today.


To increase brand awareness and product sales through a Magento-based ecommerce platform as well as support the current system and create a new website.


iCita created an ecommerce plan with a set of recommendations for growth for USA. This involved installed a team to optimize product descriptions, photos and keywords on over 17,000 products to meet our specific standards. Created content-based keyword product descriptions and blog posts.


A two and a half year ecommerce marketing program involving product optimization, industry-focused content, digital marketing, and search engine optimization for USA Pool Direct. Online sales increased by 98% following the first year then doubled again the following year.

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