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LaunchKit Marketing
LaunchKit Marketing
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LaunchKit is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency; Rocket-Fueled by Technology and Immense Passion

We’ve set out to become a leading national digital marketing powerhouse focused on outstanding customer service and client collaboration. We excel at services ranging from SEO to WordPress Website Development to Lead Generation.

Our founding leadership has more than 15 years of experience building huge web presences from the ground up. We’ve taken that expertise and now offer it as a service to businesses large and small.

Website Design & Development

Our team is experienced at building websites from concept to completion.

Not only do we create a professional website that captures the personality of your business, but we help you understand the opportunities that exist to take full advantage of your online presence.

From there we happily tailor a strategy that will help new and existing customers find you, buy from you, and recommend you to all their friends.

Our management services offer you a unique opportunity to think toward the future and grow over time. We seek to be more than a one-time service and strive to maintain a relationship that helps take your business to the moon! Our team offers a free Launch Kit that connects all your initiatives to our expertise and sets an action plan in motion.

Search Engine Optimization

We love SEO. Getting free traffic from Google and other search engines is equivalent to free advertising in your local newspaper or people lining up at your storefront just because. Being able to cut that spend out of your budget opens up possibilities to grow your business in a lot of different ways!

We’ve spent A LOT of time getting very acquainted with Google and have perfected a strategy to get any website ranking for what your customers are looking for. The sky is the limit when it comes to how big your business can grow from SEO traffic alone.

Customer Relationship Management

You can’t build a business without generating and converting leads.

Building on our SEO and SEM services we’ll tailor your website to take organic and paid visitors and move them into different stages of your sales funnel. We’ll provide you with a custom backend interface that allows you to manage your leads by easily categorizing and filtering them into actionable buckets.

Layer on top our email marketing services and you’ll have a fully integrated and automatic sales machine that won’t cost you any extra time or hassle.

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Semrush assistance
We can help you with Semrush.
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Success stories


This client was struggling to keep her doors open. Her website was absolutely terrible and her previous marketing agency owned her GMB. Capturing their GMB was a huge undertaking in itself. Images, layout. company branding, everything was terrible and they needed a fresh start.


Once we regained control of their GMB and Domain from the old agency, we completely rebuilt their website, re-optimized their GMB and purchased a key word domain based on key word research. We built a beautiful mobile responsive website on WP linked up social, managed reputation = 144 5 star reviews


Before we re-built the site her CTR and Conversion rates were the worst I've ever seen. Her capacity is 95 dogs per day, she was averaging 20 per day. She is now fully booked with 95 dogs per day. We had to tell website visitors that they were at full occupancy for the past three months.

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