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TOP Professional Oil & Gas Copywriting Agencies in the World

List of TOP 10 Oil & Gas Copywriting companies in the World. Discover the most skilled marketing agencies from our community to outsource your marketing to.

10 agencies
New Perspective
New Perspective

Driving topline growth for innovative B2B brands

New Perspective is a dynamic performance-based growth marketing agency in the Northeast with a 17-year track record. We embrace the game-changers — innovative, new, green. Our B2B clients include clean, sustainable and next-gen manufacturing and tech companies throughout the U.S. and Europe — from large-scale global carbon capture to indoor agriculture startup. But our passion is helping any ambitious firm rise above the fray, whatever the market. We’re here to make a difference and help achieve positive change. Our team is smart, hungry, and committed. We don’t take the reins and send you back to your office. We partner and collaborate. We listen. We look for the sweet spots. We conduct thorough, well-calibrated research to best assess the market and your needs, delivering data-driven strategies that square with company objectives and catalyze growth. We’re creative by nature but relentlessly pragmatic — our goal is to get you the leads and revenue you need and the competitive advantage you deserve.

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Copywriting, Content Strategy+57
Oil & Gas, Business & Professional Services+3


Tiki-Taka Media GmbH
Tiki-Taka Media GmbH

Datengesteuertes digitales Marketing

Datengesteuerte digitale Marketing-Dienstleistungen. Wir ermöglicht „echtes“ Geschäftswachstum. Durch richtige Kennzahlen, Messbarkeit, Automatisierung und ständige Optimierung. Unsere Formel für Erfolg: die Geheimformel für den Erfolg von tikitaka ist eine wirkungsvolle Kombination aus Prozess + Smarts + Analyse + Tools. Es ist diese sorgfältig kuratierte Mischung, die es uns ermöglicht, für unsere Kunden auf jeder Ebene bemerkenswerte Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Prozess + Smarts + Analyse + Tools. Das bedeutet, dass wir unseren Weg – den tikitaka-Weg – ständig optimieren und umgestalten. Neue Technologien bieten Optimierungs- und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten, die für den Menschen einfach nicht machbar sind. Durch den Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI), maschinellem Lernen (MI), komplexen Algorithmen, prädiktiver Datenanalyse und Prozessautomatisierungstechnologie erreichen unsere Spezialisten eine deutlich höhere Kampagnenleistung und tiefere Einblicke in Ergebnisse und Rendite (ROI). Noch wichtiger ist, dass unsere Fachkenntnisse bei hochwertigen Aktivitäten wie Strategie, Kreativität und Analyse eingesetzt werden und nicht nur für Zahlenverarbeitung und manuelle Aufgaben.

Hamburg, Germany+1
Copywriting, Content Strategy+41
Oil & Gas, Ecommerce+3

$1,000 +

RedBear Films & Digital Marketing
RedBear Films & Digital Marketing

Hollywood. Marketing. Digital.

Redbear Marketing is a new type of digital agency that partners with brands seeking transformative business results in a time of significant disruption and, of course, opportunity. With our experience in advanced digital marketing and advertising technologies, we provides services and consulting. What makes us different: We make things better by combining unbridled creativity with accurate data. This just so happens to make us really great marketers. We are a boutique marketing agency created by smart people who knew they could do better for their clients. After decades of honing our skills with big brands, we can can now bring the same results to you at a fraction of the cost. Through our marketing expertise, our brand experience, and honest hard work, we succeed in bringing you new customers and more sales. Together, we define your business goals and our marketing goals, and then hold ourselves accountable to those results. We don't work for your competition. Some agencies claim to specialize in your field and then share you work with 30 other companies who compete with you. Not us. To us, you are special. We are fixated on measurable results. Your results. Advertising Emmy Award Winner 2021.

Lake Forest, California, United States
Copywriting, Content Strategy+68
Oil & Gas, Apparel & Accessories+3




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