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From 0 to 7 Figures: Shtrack's 376% ROI Magic

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Elevate your brand's online presence and drive results with Shtrack, a premier digital marketing agency specializing in strategy and analytics consulting. We empower businesses across industries with tailored services to maximize their digital potential.

Our Expertise:

Strategic Planning & Analytics: We're more than an agency; we're strategic partners. We dive deep to formulate data-driven growth strategies. Our seasoned consultants provide insights that enable you to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

Email Marketing: Unlock personalized communication. Craft compelling messages, nurture leads, build strong relationships. Our experts understand the nuances of email marketing, ensuring your campaigns drive engagement and conversions.

Paid Advertising: Reach the right audience at the right time with our targeted paid advertising campaigns. We optimize every aspect to maximize your return on investment through Google Ads, social media, and display networks.

Data Analysis: In the age of information, data is key. Our data analysts decipher trends, monitor performance, and extract actionable insights. We translate complex data into strategies that keep you ahead of the curve.

Content Marketing & SEO: Enhance your online visibility and rank higher on search engines with our content marketing and SEO expertise. Our team implements white-hat techniques that boost organic traffic and ensure your brand is discovered by the right audience.

Why Choose Us:

Collaborative Approach: We consider ourselves an extension of your team. Your success is our success, and we work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges.

Innovation: We bring innovative solutions to the table that keep you relevant in a competitive market.

Measurable Results: Our focus is on outcomes. We're committed to delivering tangible results that align with your business objectives.

Tailored Solutions: We know that every business is unique. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs, ensuring you receive services that resonate with your target audience.

Simply schedule a call, and let's kick it off with a discovery session.

Client business size
Pricing model
  • Hourly rate
  • Retainer
  • Project-based
  • Value/performance-based
  • $2,500 +
Geographic focus
  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • English
Success stories


An emerging online gardening store aimed to establish itself in a competitive market. Creating brand identity and sales channels in the UK presented unique challenges. Starting from scratch, they sought a winning strategy.


Starting with crafting the brand's identity and website, our expertise was guided by supply-demand analysis. Tailored content, products, and a robust PPC strategy fueled growth. Optimizing every aspect, from cold traffic to sales funnel, was vital. Exceptional customer care set the brand apart.


Since its launch, remarkable growth speaks for itself. A staggering 376% increase in annual sales reflects our strategies' potency. Highly targeted cold traffic was turned into loyal customers. Our thorough optimization and holistic approach drove this achievement, propelling the brand to 7 figures.


In the evolving climate, one of our clients - a family-owned firewood business - embarked on a new journey. The pandemic highlighted the need for an online presence, yet obstacles loomed. Operating within a regional industry with diverse customers and limited finances posed challenges.


We turned challenges into growth opportunities. Using data-driven insights, we aligned strategies with ideal customers. Proficient in pay-per-click dynamics, we honed targeting precision. We optimized customer journeys and streamlined engagement. Integrated ROI tracking boosted decision accuracy.


Our partnership achieved a 484% sales surge in 6 months. We cut cost per lead by 45%, achieving an outstanding 16:1 ROAS. With $126,000 revenue from $7,740 spent, every $1 invested brought back $16. This transformation extends beyond finance, elevating brand identity and fueling lasting growth.


For a small family-owned window well manufacturing company, the shift to the digital age brought challenges. Sales dwindled and costs soared. The company lacked paid advertising, effective search engine optimization (SEO), and clear goals.


Through research, blending techniques with SERP analysis, we achieved a 115% surge in leads. Addressing challenges, we focused on industry analysis, pinpointing keyword gaps and content. Strategic mapping expanded organic reach to 40 pages. We optimized mobile experience, fixed UX, and built trust.


For 6 months, our synergy delivered remarkable results. A $2,450 monthly SEO budget led to $98,838 organic sales – a 4,022% ROI. Skyscraper content strategy boosted users to 284,621. Website health score soared from 41% to 93%, highlighting our impact.

Our clients
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped CNHI, LLC grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped Advanced Nutrients grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped Tripadvisor grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped E.on grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped American Red Cross grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Varna, Varna, Bulgaria agency Shtrack Ltd helped Window Well Experts grow their business with SEO and digital marketing

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