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At Sojourn Digital Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of impact and sustainability, not just in terms of business growth, but also in making a difference in the world. If you are an organization or individual that has seen success in your fundraising or profit-making endeavors, we invite you to leverage our tailored digital marketing strategies to multiply your impact.

With a team of experienced professionals, we offer a wide array of services designed to amplify your brand message, increase visibility, and drive further success. From social media management to search engine optimization, content creation, website design, and more, we ensure a comprehensive approach to your digital presence.

Our deep commitment to understanding your unique mission and goals sets us apart. We don't just view you as a client, but as a partner in making a meaningful difference. Our strategies are designed with an understanding of your audience, ensuring every marketing dollar is well-spent and translates into greater impact, whether it's increased donations for a non-profit or expanded market share for a profit-driven business.

Additionally, we are committed to staying ahead of the digital curve. With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills, incorporating the latest trends and technologies into our strategies.

So, are you ready to turn your good into great? Join forces with Sojourn Digital Marketing Agency. Together, we can expand your reach, enhance your impact, and ensure your successful journey continues.

Client business size
Budget per project
$1,000 - $25,000+
Project duration
  • 3-6 months
  • More than 6 months
Geographic focus
  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • English
Success stories


There are 41 competitors in this city and the largest one previously held nearly 50% search market share.


We inherited a Wix site with many technical issues so we cleaned them up, wrote more content, implemented User Experience (UX) changes and continued to do so for a year to reach these results. We are continuing to provide maintenance and growth strategies to stay on top.


Now holds over 50% of said share and their phone is ringing "off the hook", including large out-of-area contracts from companies' head offices that now see MEC Yukon everywhere when they search for an Electrician in that area.


We inherited a Wordpress that was ranking higher for searches related to their clients than to their own brand name and it also didn't load properly on most devices.


We built a new WP site, created content that loaded very quickly and provide ongoing technical, on-page and off-page SEO services to grow search market share every week.


In a country of 38M, we brought them FROM .01% visibility (4 keywords in Top 100) TO 2% visibility (112 keywords in Top 100 [7 in top 3, 20 in top 10, 24 in Top 20 and 61 in Top 100]). A 200x visibility increase resulted in booking 8 months of projects instead of typical mass layoffs.

Our clients
Canada agency Sojourn Digital Inc. helped wareFX Technologies (Software) grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Canada agency Sojourn Digital Inc. helped Moffat Electrical (Commercial Electrician) grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Canada agency Sojourn Digital Inc. helped Contour Developments (Concrete) grow their business with SEO and digital marketing
Our awards
Canada agency Sojourn Digital Inc. wins SEMrush Certified Agency Partner award


average rating based on Google reviews
John Morrison
Nov 22, 2023

Jason has provided a number of services over the years effectively and efficiently. He is resilient and professional with the ability to adapt in serving our needs. He is very helpful and goes above and beyond in ensuring our needs are met. I have been more than satisfied with his services. Pastor John Morris

Kaitlyn Ceyon
Nov 6, 2023

Jason is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to serve his clients. He has excellent response time and provides clarity around expectations and results. I highly recommend working with Jason if you are looking to grow your online presence!

SW Heatheron
Nov 21, 2023

I have absolutely love working with Jason, he has a thorough understanding of SEO and Shopify. Jason is very professional and has a good understanding of what our business needs.

MandK Carrollon
Nov 7, 2023

Jason is wonderful to work with, very professional and thorough. We appreciate his help in getting our website running.

Doreen Katon
Oct 17, 2023

I am so glad that we hired Sojourn to create and monitor our google ads. I experienced a tremendous uptick in clients and have recommended Sojourn to other business owners.

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