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10 Small Business Promotion Ideas

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10 Small Business Promotion Ideas

Small business owners have it difficult. They have to work hard, allocate limited resources effectively, manage employees and customers personally while at the same time thinking of the best ways to marketing small business. Given all that they have to do, it is quite possible that they run out of ideas before they get to figuring out the best ways for promoting their business. Learning how to promote a small business can help to a great extent in taking their business to the next level. This is where they can use the top 10 ideas for small business promotion.

1. Blog

Despite being one of the most conventional small business promotion ideas, blogging remains an effective tool for getting your message across to the audience. With content marketing growing in importance, blogging is a great way for you to promote your small business. Moreover, you can present yourself as a genuine authority in the industry you operate.

2. Customer Reviews

Ask your loyal customers and fans to give you a business review or a testimonial. The importance of word-of-mouth cannot be ignored by small businesses. This is known as social proof where people are influenced by reading about other people’s experience with a business.

3. List Yourself

List your business on as many online directories as possible. Google Places and Yellow Pages are just two of the directories where you need to have a listing. Make sure your listing is perfect, complete with the right address and location.

4. Go Social

Create your business page on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks. Social media websites provide you a cost-effective platform for small business promotions you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. SEO

Get professionals to work towards optimizing your website in the search engines like Google, etc. Ranking high in search results is a surefire way to promote your small business to a wider audience.

6. Accreditation

Get accredited by local organizations or any relevant body which holds some authority in your industry. It is a great way to generate goodwill in the eyes of your customers. If possible, apply for any awards or certificates you can receive.

7. Offer Value

Instead of focusing on making money, you should look to offer value to your customers. Aim to solve their problems and provide what they need than concentrating on the bottom line and trying to improve. Once you offer value to your customers, the profitability of your business would improve.

8. Loyalty Programs

Start a loyalty program where you reward the customers who keep returning to buy your products or services. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to marketing small business. Offer discounts, free products or any other rewards to regular customers for small business promotion.

9. Competitions

A great way to build a buzz for your business, especially on social networks, is through holding a competition. You can opt for a caption contest or a quiz about your business. Regardless of what the competition is about, it will help with small business promotions.

10. Guest Blog

Start with blogging and end with guest blogging. Not only can you publish more content through guest posts but also add links to your business’ website. Posting content on blogs with a large reader base establishes your credentials as an authority in your industry.

These are 10 effective small business promotion ideas you can use to market your small business to the widest audience possible. Make use of the tools available to you online, like SEMrush, for marketing your business in the best way. Find the best keywords to include in your content through SEMrush.

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