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10 Things Digital Marketers Should Be Doing in 2015

Durga Singh
10 Things Digital Marketers Should Be Doing in 2015

Another eventful year comes to an end and it's time for marketers get ready with new tools and strategies to welcome in 2015.

Now is the time for getting a step ahead of your competitors.

Over the last decade, technology has changed at a furious pace while simultaneously; our customers grew savvier about SEO and subsequently, more demanding about their results.

2015 is shaping up to deliver us even more cost-conscious customers who better understand the ROI they should be getting from their SEO services. Are you ready?

These 10 tips will help you step-up your game 2015 and give you the jump on your competitors for the coming year.

1. Understand Customers/Prospects Better – Spend on Research and Surveys

For 51% of marketers, content effectiveness has always been a challenge. 2015 is expected to be a year when online marketing will become more "human."

Business content doesn’t just need to be informative, but also entertaining, as well. To come up with a more natural sounding voice in your marketing messages and campaigns, there is an ardent need to invest more into researching your demographics.

Spending time and money on personalized surveys can do you a lot of good in 2015. Identify the personas of your customers so you can effectively speak to them.

2. Responsive, Mobile-friendly Site Architecture

The proliferation of smartphones in our daily lives is only going to increase in 2015. More people/customers/prospects will be using mobile applications in deeper contexts, allowing marketers to diversify their online services and get a better reach. For many, mobile will be their primary touchstone.

As marketers we must strive to create more adaptive and reactive technologies.

Wearable technology will monitor work, play and even sleep patterns. Marketers consequently will need to find ways to harvest this data and make it actionable.

3. Content Marketing is the Heart of Digital Marketing

Content marketing has always been a popular tool for web marketers, and 2015 will only see more growth. It is also probable that web marketers will be abandoning most traditional marketing tactics and focus more on relevant/informative/exciting content to bring in the traffic.

Optimized customer experience will be a key factor for marketing success in 2015. Content needs to be empathetic and client-oriented. In short, it needs to be more "human."

It is important to note here that blogs and informative articles will be key tools to generate leads in the coming year.

4. Real-time Engagement

Real-time engagement is all about relationship building though digital marketing. In 2015, more and more customers will be looking to real-time engagement to deliver information to them.

It will no longer be enough for marketers to simply offer deals on social channels; they will also have to connect on a real-time basis through advice, acknowledgement or social messaging. Most importantly, marketers will have to listen to the voice of the customers/prospects and interpret and respond with appropriate information/content that fits the proper tone.

5. Paid Advertising

Pre-targeted advertisements will play a big role towards bringing in customers in 2015. However, the nature of these ads will continue to evolve.

Marketers will look to predict buyer preferences to help push forward smarter and more relevant messages. Social media platforms will continue their gradual but inexorable shift from earned to paid media. As such, marketing teams will require more time and money to invest in sponsored/paid placements in 2015, so adjust your budgets accordingly.

The latest statistics from Facebook’s non-sponsored content already show a decline of 44% in the last couple of months. Even Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are coming up with sponsored content and promising specific reach.

It is safe to say that the times of “free reach” is over. By the end of 2015, internet advertising is expected to make 25% of the overall ad market. Consequently, 72% of B2B and B2C marketers have already increased their PPC budgets.

6. Clear Branding Strategies for Branding vs. Lead Generation

In 2015, increased market competition and consumer demand will cause brands to shift from delivering a quality product to delivering a unique product.

Various brands are already experimenting the ways in which they can put forth a unique way to reach consumers. Marketers, as a result, will need to focus more on strategies that lead to branding in order to expect successful lead generation.

7. Globalization to Personalization

The world is still a global village, but every customer wants special attention.

Marketers who succeed in creating personalized content will likely be able to increase their sales, lower the cost of operation, generate satisfied customers and even inspire visitors/customers to spend more time in their websites in the coming year.

8. Visual Storytelling

Customers know that every competing brand offers a quality product/service. However, what makes a competitor stand out from the crowd is how they position themselves within the market. Customers crave inspiration and marketers are consequently churning out stories that inspire emotions, span multiple platforms, define their brand and spark buying behavior.

Technology has also helped matters with a dozen of new media (images, video and audio) to add substance to stories.

9. Re-evaluation of Current Marketing Partnerships – Vendors

2015 is the year to start re-evaluating your marketing partners for digital marketing, database marketing and more. Mix it up. It’s time to explore new opportunities and options to boost your lead generation activities.

10. Nurturing – Where Does it End?

At this point of time, you must already be asking the question, “Where does the work end for the marketer?” The simple answer is that it doesn't. You'll never truly be "finished." It's an on-going process.

The key marketing trend of 2015 will revolve around "more." You have to over-deliver to stay competitive.

To compete, you will need to produce more advertising, find new platforms, create pages upon pages of content and tell better stories — all while beating out your competition for leads.

2015 has a lot of hard work in store for digital marketers. Working smarter is the only way to be prepared.

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Durga Sharma is Marketing Manager at aMarketForce, a marketing services company.
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