100 Tips from Leading Marketers

Olga Andrienko

Mar 11, 20155 min read
100 Tips from Leading Marketers

For half a year, we have run a “Tip-of-the-Day” rubric on social media. We’ve taken the very best from our blog posts, webinars, Twitter chats, etc. and selected the best quotes for a variety of marketing issues. We’ve chosen ones that are smart, sharp, surprising, controversial and, most importantly, very useful.

Today we released 100 Tip-of-the-Day pictures (see SlideShare below). And we are really happy to share with you the top 10 quotes that have been shared the most on social media as well as 100 tips from the leading marketers.

Feel free to share them and use them, but please don’t forget to give credit to the authors.

Content Marketing for SEO Success

How to rank for a competitive term with the help of content marketing.

#5 ian cleary

Last month, we created an infographic focused on social media tools. The purpose of the infographic was to increase awareness of our brand, but also to rank for a highly competitive term — “marketing tools.” We optimized our content with this term; and every time the content was embedded, we earned a link back to our site. To avoid over-optimization of the term “marketing tools,” we used “RazorSocial” as the anchor text. Just over a month after producing this infographic, we started ranking number five for “marketing tools.”

Ian Cleary,  Semrush SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Business

Build relationships; links will follow.

#27 Christy Kunjumon link building relationship building

Like real world relationships, you need to build a good rapport with professionals in the same industry. Building meaningful relationships with industry leaders and other personalities will help your site get linked more often. Creativity, relationship skills and persistence are key traits that a person should possess and put into practice in order to thrive in this field.

Christy Kunjumon, 13 Easy Ways to Build Links

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Post

How to write a post that readers will love.

#36 Benet M. Marcos blogging tips

Key factors in creating great content that will capture the attention of readers, and of Google:

  • The article offers first-hand insight.
  • The post is structured in the manner of a step-by-step “process.”
  • The title is highly successful in terms of encapsulating the expectations of the reader.

Keep in mind that Internet content is fragmented and that users generally do not have the time to read. Therefore, as an online publisher, you must capture the reader’s attention from the start and make sure that he or she continues to read your content for as long as possible.

Benet M. Marcos, So You Think You Can Write? Tips From Editors

Factors of Content Marketing Success

Great content won’t help your SEO efforts unless you promote it.

#60 adam connell

Find where your audience hangs out and learn what questions they're asking, then answer them. Get new content ideas from niche forums, personal case studies, and top performing industry/competitor content. Repurposing content can be a huge time saver and open up new promotional channels.

In addition to social media platforms, use under-utilized content distribution tools like email, Triberr and content recommendation platforms like Outbrain.

Top SEO Metrics to Focus On

Metrics that determine if your SEO efforts will pay off.

#63 AJ Ghergich top seo metrics to focus on

If you don’t have awesome content, you are going to fail long-term at SEO. SEO and content marketing are intertwined. Content marketing should be a huge facet of your overall SEO approach. Track links, traffic, social, and relationships gained through content — with relationships being the most important. Over time, blog content, e-books, infographics etc. should become a significant traffic driver for your site. Eventually, you will notice your best performing pages will be the awesome content you created and promoted. Long term, you should see your DA (domain authority) increasing, as well as your overall organic search traffic. Your social media traffic should also improve because your awesome content will be shared through major social channels.

AJ Ghergich, Semrush Twitter Chat #3: How To Measure SEO Results

Realistic Expectations For SEO Results

What should SEO specialists focus on instead of aiming for Google's top spot?

#64 mike blazer

If simply being above the fold in Google’s top is enough, then your title and meta description copy should do the job. However, SEO alone will not make your SE traffic magically increase; it’s a myth. Long-term SEO is nothing without content and user engagement. Write good copy / create good content, watch for keywords getting traffic, then tune your content to perfection. Make your product/service a brand; then your brand’s keywords will bring SE traffic even if SEO is last on your list.

Mike Blazer, Semrush Twitter Chat #4: SEO Myths Busted

It’s high time to get ready for semantic search and incorporate schema.org into your website.

#87 bill slawski semantic seo

Identify entities related to the entities already on your site, if it makes sense to mention them. Find a way to introduce new or "emerging" entities that are relevant to your site in ways that will get crawled. Make sure you include the "most important" facts about the entities you write about.

Bull Slawski, Semrush Twitter Chat #6: Optimize Your Website For Semantic Search

SEO Traffic Quality Metrics

Bringing loads of visitors to the site is great, yet it won’t mean a thing unless they convert. Pay attention to quality as well as quantity.

#90 LukaszZelezny quality metrics seo traffic

Compare year over year — for most verticals this works perfect. Summer compare to summer, winter to winter. Studying who is behind your un-targeted traffic, this may help to understand what type of content is desired. After that conversion should increase, bounce rate decrease and everyone should be more happy. And low bounce rate it is a great signal for search engines to move you higher in SERP on generic keywords.

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Traffic: Converting Visits To Sales. Twitter Chat #11

Smart Way To Create Content For “Dull” Industries

Focus on the problems your product is trying to solve and create content accordingly.

#91 Adam Vowles no dull topic content

Do not think “We sell X.” Instead think “We provide a solution to Y.”

If you enter into the process knowing you have a dull product, then you will create dull content. Position yourself as a problem solver and content marketing becomes a lot easier and more engaging.

Adam Vowles, SEO Week Roundtable Q&A Session

Uncovering The SEO Core Factors

Integrate SEO into the marketing mix and remember that results don’t come over night. Put a lot of effort into your work and be patient.

#93 david amerland seo

Most businesses still think of SEO as a separate activity when it now has become an integral part of what they should be doing. If you outsource SEO services, understand the basic principles of search first. Avoid blind, automated link-damping in social networks and don’t search for shortcuts. It used to be keywords, then links, then article spinning and content scraping, then guest blogging and infographics. Really we should be focusing, always, on creating the best quality content possible and being as authentic as possible in the way we present ourselves and interactions.

David Amerland, Semrush PRO Talk With David Amerland 

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