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11 Ways To Produce High-Quality Content This Year

Julia Spence-McCoy
11 Ways To Produce High-Quality Content This Year

We all want and need quality no matter what it is we are getting. When you go to a restaurant, you want to make sure you get quality food, right? When you buy a book by a new author, you want it to be reassured it is great before spending time and money on it. The same goes for doctors, schools, furniture, electronics, Christmas decorations and anything else we pay for in our lives.

Yet, it seems that many people aren’t doing something very basic to help improve their businesses — providing quality content.

In this blog, I will look at how excellent content is more important than ever in 2015, and how you can achieve something that will make sure your content has the punch you need.

It has Been Said for Quite Some Time, And It’s More Important Than Ever

You really couldn’t go to any content marketing or copywriting site without seeing the same thing mentioned — quality content is becoming more and more important. Each blog detailed how to get this by making some changes, and the ideas were all pretty easy to follow. Hopefully, you’ve already started your quality content change, but if you haven’t, it is now one of the most important things you can do for your content strategies. You don’t want to miss out on the excellent rewards of quality content such as more customers, higher ranks, and, of course, more revenue.

It might get a little exhausting hearing us copywriters go on and on about quality content. Sure, you know it is important, but you might not realize just why it is absolutely vital for your business.

One of the major reasons why high-quality content is important for your website is because Google requires you to have it. If you have low-quality pages, you are likely to get faced with a penalty. Another reason stellar content is vital is that, when people click on your link, they are more likely to stay on the page if it is good. However, if it is bad, they will quickly click away. By making sure you have great content, you will be able to increase your content’s visibility on the search engine results page, bringing in visitors and converting them into leads.

What Does “Quality Content” Cover?

When I say quality content, this isn’t limiting it to your home page and product descriptions. In fact, it covers the wide range of content formats whether it is on your social media pages, websites, blogs, press releases, emails and more.

When you share images on social media, you need quality images. Same with videos, podcasts, any type of media and content you can think of. In fact, quality also refers to how the user experience is on your site. Businesses with sites that are easier to use are more likely to keep customers than those with confusing websites. Remember, even if you aren’t feeling in the content creation mood, you still have to make sure you produce awesome content every single time.

11 Ways You Can Create and Make Your Own High-Quality Content In 2015

Hopefully, you understand just how important quality content is in 2015, and that it isn’t something you can keep putting off any longer. Now that we’ve covered that, I want to give you some advice on just how to create and get high-quality content for 2015. This doesn’t just involve your newly created or soon-to-be-created content, but also for existing content!

  1. Quality Does Not Mean Quantity. When I refer to good content, I am simply referring to the quality, not the quantity. Many people think they need a lot of content on their sites to get the most results, which often leads to sloppy and low-quality work. What you need to do is focus more on the quality of your content and not how much you have. This will give your customers valuable information that is worth their time to read or look at.
  1. Quality Does Equal Consistency and Personalization. When you write your content for social media or blogs, you need to make sure you are consistent and personal. The best way to stay consistent is to write in a similar voice across all channels, as well as in your blog. You should also make sure the writing is similar to your web page.Clients love the personal touch, and they love when you get personal with them. This means engaging them with polls, asking for their input and responding to their comments and questions. This shows quality work not just by writing high-quality content but by also showing that you are a good person who cares for your clients. See, quality means more than just your web page!
  1. Use Social Media Regularly. You also want to make sure you use social media regularly. You will need to create well-crafted updates for all channels, but this is a great way to share your business and meet with clients.Like I said above, in point two, this can show your business as a quality establishment because it puts you more on the level with your clients. People like people; they don’t like entities that aren’t personalized. Start using your social channels every day. You may have to wait a bit before people start engaging, but if you consistently write and share quality material, you will begin to see engagement start and grow.
  1. Offer More Content in a Wide Variety of Formats. When creating content for your audience, you want to make sure you get it to them in a variety of ways. This is a great way to provide quality content to everyone, heightening your chances at converting visitors into leads and also maintaining your existing client base.As I mentioned earlier, quality content doesn’t just mean writing but great videos, podcasts and more. This means you need to have something like this available to your clients. Reading content can only get clients so far, but if they have the ability to consume their content in a different manner, they will. Use multiple formats to improve the quality of your content and get it out to as wide an audience as possible.
  1. Hire a Copywriter or Copyeditor. One major mistake some businesses make is thinking that it is easier, cheaper and better to write their content themselves. It might be cheaper upfront, but, in the long run, just how much possible revenue have they lost due to low-quality content?A great way to avoid this is to hire a copywriter or editor or have someone within your business do the writing. You want someone with writing experience that goes beyond the general writing of a social media post. You want a person that understands grammar, knows about and uses the thesaurus, and you need another set of eyes to look the content over. Copywriters are trained in creating engaging content and many have schooling in areas such as English or other areas that required significant writing abilities. You definitely want this type of talent on your team or working with you!
  1. Write on Relevant and Evergreen Topics. Another way you can create excellent content is to make sure you write on items that are not only relevant, but also “evergreen.” What is evergreen content? It is something that will remain relevant after the trends are gone.For instance, if your business is in the dog grooming industry, the basics of grooming different breeds would be considered evergreen topics. People will always search for it, which can bring them to an older post you’ve done, directing them to your site.Writing on the trends could be writing about the latest, newest dog food phenomenon that could quickly fizzle out, or writing about some of the recent adorable dog clothes out there. These will change, but how to groom a dog and why you’re a necessity to a client will never change. You should still write on trends, but always make sure you are producing evergreen content.
  1. Audit Your Content. If your web page has been around for a while or you are only just now getting into doing proper SEO, then you will need to do a content audit. What is this? It is where you will go through your web page, categorize each part of it, and go over it in detail to see which parts need to be improved.One of the main aspects of content auditing isn’t focusing on how much content you have, like an inventory, but focuses on the quality of all existing content. This means you are given the chance to look at which parts of your content need to be improved to help you rank and be successful. While it can be time-consuming for you, it is a great way to see what you need to do and make sure your existing content is up to snuff with quality. Never ignore a chance to make a change that could mean more revenue for you.
  1. Don’t Leave Facebook Out of Your Social Media Game Plan. Many people think Facebook isn’t the place to share content anymore because they aren’t getting many decent results from their campaign. However, the main reason that their campaign is failing is due to the lack of good content.Facebook users want to click on something that offers them real value and quality. Readers are more likely to engage with a company that doesn’t just share great blogs but also writes and produces excellent Facebook posts.One of the best content formats for Facebook right now is video. First of all, there is Facebook’s auto-play that helps many people watching interesting video and enjoying it. Secondly, people enjoy videos because they can be easier, and quicker to consume. Just take a look at BuzzFeed’s highly success video campaigns.
  1. Use Storytelling in Your Content. One excellent way to create amazing content is to write a story. It doesn’t have to be a big Tolkien-like fantasy, a fairy tale, or an odd little Neil Gaiman-style story. It can be about your business, how it was formed, why you think a certain product is important, client success stories and more. You really won’t run out of available source material to create captivating, incredible content. You can use your stories to write blogs or any other type of marketing idea you can come up with. A great example is Chipotle’s Cultivating Thoughts campaign where they turned their cups and bags into instruments for short stories. It is unique and a great way to add value to an already great meal.
  1. If You Aren’t Mobile Compatible Yet, Get There. Offering content on mobile is also another great way to help create and provide quality content. If your website is only set up to be viewed in desktop mode, it will be difficult for people to browse. As I mentioned toward the beginning, user experience is a major part of creating great content. If a user is on a mobile device and can’t get to a mobile site, their experience isn’t going to be that great. If you are not at the place where you are mobile compatible, now is the time to make that change. Many sites do provide you with the ability to go mobile — take advantage of it.
  1. Get Rid of Any and All Duplicate Content. No matter how often it is said, it seems that people still think duplicate content is still fine to use. It isn’t, and you need to make sure you get rid of any duplicates. Yes, this can be tedious, but in the end you will be able to avoid a penalty from Google and give your clients excellent, new, fresh content to consume.

Get to Crafting Quality Content and Watch Your Business Boom

By focusing on crafting excellent content and following some of the above steps, you will be well on your way to making your business highly successful. This year is the year to make this vital change! Start a content audit, look at your content and brainstorm some great, new ideas for the future to have the best year yet. I’m positive that with these changes, 2015 will be a year to remember.

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