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13 Digital Marketing Conferences You Must Attend in 2018

Why should you attend digital conferences? 

As a digital marketer, it is critical to stay on top of all the latest trends and tactics. And when it comes to selecting conferences to attend, you need to choose carefully because not all of them are equally useful. Be sure to look closely at the agenda for each to determine what kinds of skills and education they offer.

SEMrush has assembled the full calendar of 2018 digital marketing conferences. Outbrain has taken it one step further and narrowed it down to the 13 must-attend SEO, PPC and digital marketing conferences in 2018.

1. GrowthHackers conference

When: February 6, 2018

Where: San Diego, CA

Cost: $1,200 USD

Who: Marketing managers, Growth hackers, Product managers

Why: Are you looking to grow your business? This data-driven conference is primarily focused on measurements, growth, and analytics. We can't ignore the "growth hacking" term anymore- see how others grew their companies and products and learned from the best.

2. Social Media Marketing World

When: February 28–March 2, 2018

Where: San Diego, CA

Cost: $1,597 USD

Who: Social media marketers, Content marketers 

Why: This conference is presented by the Social Media Examiner and offers a gathering of 5,000 social media experts from all around the world. Definitely, a conference you can’t afford to miss if you’re a social wizard, a blogger, vlogger or podcaster. It has multiple tracks for any kind of purpose in social media niche: from workshops to analytics to content marketing.

3. SMX West

When: March 13–15, 2018

Where: San Jose, CA

Cost: $1,695 USD

Who: SEO and SEM professionals

Why: Search Marketing Expo is hosted by Search Engine Land and is mainly focused on search marketing. Sessions provide tactical and practical advice about PPC, SEO, social media, content marketing, content creation and many other topics. You can find in the agenda beginners and advanced sessions in the above topics. 

4. SearchLove

When:  March 26–28, 2018

Where: San Diego, CA

Cost: $999 USD

Who: SEO professionals

Why: This conference focuses on search marketing, especially SEO, with a series of advanced sessions and speakers. In 2018, SearchLove will take place in the US. Click here to read my blog post about the SearchLove 2017 conference in London.

SearchLove conference 2018

5. BrightonSEO

When: April 26–27, 2018

Where: Brighton, UK  

Cost: £125 GBP

Who: SEO professionals

Why: This conference started with a bunch of marketers in a bar talking about SEO and search marketing. Today it is one of the largest SEO conferences in the UK and Europe. Attendees will hear inspirational talks and attend hard-core training sessions and lessons. And come say hello to me—I will be a speaker at this year’s event!

6. Pubcon

When: April 10–12, 2018

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cost: $899 USD

Who: SEO, SEM professionals

This is a premier conference for search marketing experts from all around the world and with a 17-year history, they know how to bring in speakers that educate. Their Florida conference has expanded and will offer insights and practical tips on SEO, PPC, social media, content development, social marketing, local search, mobile and video strategies. Their Keynotes are always from some of the best in the industry. Their Austin conference is in February. 

7. DigiDay AI Marketing Summit

When: April 11–13, 2018

Where: Santa Barbara, CA

Cost: $2,795USD - 4,795 USD

Who: Marketing managers, Content marketers

Why: This is a wonderful techy marketing summit. You will learn how to harness the power of artificial intelligence along with customer service, content strategies, machine learning activities and much more. This conference will give a sense and useful insights about how to use the internet of things and machine learning into real customer-facing apps or a measurable marketing methodology. 


 When: April 23–25, 2018

Where: San Jose, CA

Cost: 1,595 USD

Who: Marketing managers, Marketing technologies managers, Product managers

Why: MARTECH is about using advanced marketing technologies solutions to improve the customer experience, as well as to manage cross-functional teams with agile and lean practices. Attendees will return from the conference with practical tips to turn your organization into a real “MARTECH tribe.”

9. SMX Advanced

When: June 11–13, 2018

Where: Seattle, WA

Cost: N/A

Who: SEO and SEM professionals

Why: The conference is hosted by, and it is a must-attend summit for all search marketing experts. Search Marketing Expo Advanced combines many networking opportunities with hands-on sessions, Q&A panels and multiple tracks and sessions per subject.

10. INBOUND 2018

When: September 4–7, 2018

Where: Boston, MA

Cost: $799-1,399 USD

Who: Marketing managers, Inbound Experts, Growth Hackers

Why: INBOUND is focused, of course, on inbound marketing with innovative keynotes, workshops, and hands-on lessons. This conference is highly recommended for all digital marketers as it provides all the information, education, tools and inspiration you need in order to grow your business. 

Inbound 2018 conference

11. DigiMarcon

Where and When: Multiple date, and Venues

Cost: $994 USD

Who: Digital Marketing Managers, Web project managers, Mobile and web strategists

Why: DigiMarcon, one of the largest digital marketing conferences in the world, is hosted at various locations across the US and Canada. Don’t miss the chance to hear and see the foremost thought leaders and innovators in the industry. Anyone who operates in the digital community will easily find his place there. 

Digimacron conference 2018

12. WebSummit

When: November 5–8, 2018

Where: Lisbon, PT

Cost: 850 Euro

Who: Marketing Managers, Brands executives, 

Why: One of the largest tech conferences in the world, WebSummit is hosted in Lisbon, Portugal, with more than 1,200 speakers and 60,000 attendees from 170 different countries. This conference is definitely one you cannot miss, and this is the reason for the highest participation rate by the biggest brands all over the world. 

Web Summit Lisbon 2018

13. The Social Shake-Up

When: May 7–9, 2018

Where: Atlanta, GA

Cost: $1,095-2,190 USD

Who: SEO and SEM professionals

Why: This summit, hosted by Social Media Today, is ideal for social media campaign managers and SEO professionals. The summit will cover social strategies and trending channels including Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and much more, with useful workshops and sessions for SEO and SEM strategists. 

The social Shake up 2018

I hope you find these conferences useful to improve your digital marketing skills. Choose right, and make the best of your business trip—and don’t forget to share your notes!

Thanks for this excellent list. We made a list of top marketing and digital events in India so thought it might be useful to share here -
Hello Liraz,
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Hello Liraz,

Thanks for the wonderful list. I would request you to create a similar list specifically for Online events - as people are also joining more Virtual events in recent years. For your note, the last edition of Global Digital Marketing Summit attracted 4000+ attendees. The next edition of GDMS is happening on July 11 & 12, 2018 and I believe it would be a right fit to the list.

The attendees will have mix of Presentation, Cease Fire, Workshop & Solution provider sessions at the affordable pricing of just $99.

What do you think?
Thank you Liraz for the great overview.
We would be very happy if you consider our event OMlive for your next overview
and if you consider to attend our event to get your own picture of it.

OMlive Online Marketing Summit
When: June 21st + 22nd 2018
Where: Berlin, Germany (Conference in English)
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Why: You will get the latest knowledge from international experts in the most important online marketing fields.
Carefully hand-picked speakers teach you their newest in-depth marketing insights. A stunning 99% of last year´s attendees say they would come again in 2018.

You also missed out the excellent Chiang Mai SEO Conference - I'd thoroughly recommend that one for some real, hands-on advice
I was wondering whether you might consider adding another conference to the list. OnBrand is Europe's leading brand marketing conference, which is happening on the 11th October in Amsterdam.
You missed Australia ! Head to - Australia's first and best digital marketing event for copywriters, content creators and marketing types.
Liraz! What a wonderful list here, with so many exciting events to look forward to. Don't forget SoundBoard, featuring Alina Lordache of

SoundBoard Digital Marketing Conference is one to keep your eye on. SoundBoard is coming up on its fifth year and is held in Athens, GA on April 27th. This years event will feature speakers from Moz, Airbnb, Kickstarter, HubSpot and more. Here is the link to the SoundBoard site:

My favorite thing about SoundBoard is its price tag. Its affordability makes it a resource that is widely accessible by titans of industry and Mom and Pop shops.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information!
Kelsey Smith
Sounds like a great conference! Good luck!
Liraz, what conferences do you think would be best for someone doing search/digital strategy/digital marketing for a not-for-profit? Thanks
I feel like Traffic & Conversion Summit ( ) should be on this list.
Garrett DEntremont
sorry, I tend to write my honest review about actual cons I have been to in past... looks great- maybe next time! :)
Liraz, Great Summary. We have a team of 3 at a small (100 People) B to B company in the states. I would like to bring my team up to speed on all things SEO, Social, PPC, and others. I desire a conference that has an array of different classes and subjects for newer or mid-level skill sets. The old SES show was a good fit for this a few years ago. I value your advice. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
Jeff Sponseller
happy to help out :))
Liraz Postan
Based on your summary, what specific show would you recommend?
Hi Liraz...Would you know which of the three SearchLove conference is the best and more advanced? Thanks for the info.

Massimo Como
Hi Massimo, all SearchLove Cons are great. They really try to spread the different sessions across all conferences locations.
Liraz Postan
Thanks Liraz. Then I'll choose the one closest to me.

Thanks Liraz! Is there any online Digital Marketing Conference?
Fauzan Ghazi
Yes Fauzan, we have Global Digital Marketing Summit, happening on 11th & 12th July 2018 at affordable ticket prices - $49 for 4 sessions and $99 for full access to 16 sessions. If you want to participate, you can do so here..
Hi Liraz nice article really liked a lot and it is very helpful..thanks for sharing. Can you please suggest any news digital marketing sessions hosted in India?

Want to add affiliate marketing to my site [removed by moderator]
Please suggest
Yay finally BrightonSEO gets recognition! Most people attending do so on the free tickets which go in a few minutes when released but the benefits of the paid 'friends' ticket is worth it. Hope to see the SEMrush team there again in April and September 2018!
Simon Cox
Thanks, Simon! Indeed, an important event! Say Hi and come visit me at BrightonSEO, as I'll be speaking there as well.
Thank you for this information.
Juli Anderson
You are more than welcome!
thank you for the information. They all look great but too expensive for our budget. I hope they can stream live in youtube because i want to learn new marketing strategies for our website [link removed by moderator]
Bruno Linares
Good luck! :)
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