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13 Must-Have Tools for Growth Marketers

Jamil Velji
13 Must-Have Tools for Growth Marketers

Every start-up needs to have some tactics for growth marketing, otherwise known as growth hacking.

The way to zero-in on where your company needs to focus their efforts is to take those mounds of data you've collected and find a repeatable method for growth. Use your creativity to look beyond the use of AdWords or SEO to find the nirvana of self-perpetuating marketing.

Growth isn't something that is just handed to you — you can't copy and paste another company's method to apply it to your own. Therefore, check out my list of the 13 must-have tools that any growth marketer needs to be successful.

1. KISSMetrics

Are your users not turning into leads? Need some help figuring out why? KISSMetrics will show you the way. You can easily learn about your users activities, find out where their traffic is falling short, and promptly fix it. Granted, it will cost you $150 per month, but their services are highly sought after and critically acclaimed.

2. Survey Monkey

If you have ever taken a survey online, there is a good chance it was powered by Survey Monkey. The reason why so many people use it is it's free and really simple to use. Of course, as with anything free in this world, you will have to fork out some money to use their premium features. This can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 per year.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg utilizes heat and scroll maps and overlays to bring you the information you need about how your users are behaving on your site. You'll see where they're clicking around, and what those hotspots are, so you can zero-in on what they're looking for. After the free trial, it's just $9 per month for this useful tool.

4. Optimizely

A good presentation is pretty important when it comes to marketing. Optimizely uses code-free visual editing, multichannel optimization and real-time ROI to any targeted audience. This will allow you to skip the a/b testing process. Not only that, but their starter package is absolutely free. But if you want all the extras, you can customize a plan, starting at around $17 per month.


If you're launching something new and want a quick and easy way to have a group of testers try it out, UserTesting will find that group for you, fast. You can then watch videos of your users experiencing your product with honest and genuine reactions. A basic package will cost you $49 per video, while their pro package will cost between $225 to $1,250, depending on the size of your company.

6. MailChimp

If you want some more insight into your subscribers so you can fine-tune your emails, MailChimp is the clear winner. You can use this to generate personalized automated emails to send out to your audience. They'll even help you figure out who you need to target in your subscriber base. While it's free up to 12,000 emails, it can get pricey depending on the amount of monthly subscribers you have, shooting up to $525 per month.


Reports and statistics can become a mess to keep organized. With, the clutter of your email marketing, customer engagement, and Helpdesk information will be straightened out in no time. They'll show you who is using your product and make it possible for you to connect with them using targeted email. It's free up to 250 active users, then can range between $49 to $87 per month depending on how many users you have.

8. Unbounce

Do you need to quickly create a landing page but don't have the ability to bug your development team about it? Unbounce will step in and take care of that for you. You can use their easy tools without any knowledge of HTML to give you what you need in hours, not weeks. Then, you can test them. After the free trial is up, it will cost you between $49 to $199 per month depending on the plan you choose.

9. Send With Us

Sendwithus is the point where a/b testing and email marketing collide. They recognize how important transactional emails are, seeing as how most of your users are more likely to actually open those types of emails. You don't need to be a programmer to use this, so editing is a breeze with this tool. It's free up to 1000 emails, but afterward, you're looking at $79 per month.

10. Colibri.o

Having visibility on the Internet is a challenge. The competition is fierce out there. So what Colibri.o does is it keeps an eye on Quora, Twitter, Google blogs and Hacker news, among many others and suggests which threads or posts are the most important for you to comment on. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to find where to put your two cents in, let Colibri.o do it for you. After the free trial, it's just $45 per month.

11. Mix Panel

Many people can be distracted by how many views their pages are receiving. But engagement should be measured by actions, not views. Anyone can view your website, but what matters is what they're actually doing on your page. And that's exactly what Mix Panel does. They have a segmentation tool that makes it easy to understand queries by visualizing questions you want to ask of your data. It's free up to 15,000. After that, plans cost $150 per month.

12. Typeform

Creation of surveys has never been easier or prettier. If you want to have total control over the way your survey looks, Typeform gives you all the tools you will need in order to generate a survey. The step-by-step process is very simple. Not only that, but it's mobile-friendly, so you can create one on the go! Basic surveys are free but you can purchase premium plans.

13. FameBit

If you are looking for a way to get your company into marketing via YouTube, FameBit are the people you want in your life. They will help you source out YouTube Influencers that you can hire and work with.

When I say “Influencers,” I mean YouTube members who have tons of subscribers. FameBit will connect your brand with “YouTube Stars” that are a good match for your company and will help you create an original video. This doesn't come free, though. The starting cost is about $100 per video.

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Jamil Velji

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Jamil Velji is a growth marketer and entrepreneur who has a love for startups. You can follow Jamil on Twitter or read more about him here. His last article for SEMrush was "13 Must-Have Tools for Growth Marketers."
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Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Would love to get your opinion on using Instapage over Unbounce as it's easier to use, just as powerful, has more features (WordPress & Facebook publishing), and costs less? Have you tried it Jamil?
Jamil Velji

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

I find is the same as Unbounce in terms of ease of use. In my case I don't like hosting landing pages on my own hosting because I don't find it fast enough. I much prefer my landing page builder to host the page itself to make sure it loads instantly.

Cost wise there is a big disparity, but Unbounce has a 80% off for 4 months coupon out there. Once you get past your first month you will be hooked.

That being said I use both actively. I use Unbounce for pages where I need the forms to work with Salesforce, HubSpot and all that "fun" stuff. I use Instapage for more simple landing pages and I also use Landerapp for personal landing pages.

The only issue I have with all 3 is the lack of single design for responsive sites. Due to this I've been moving towards Visual Composer, it's a Wordpress plugin that let's you drag and drop pages together that are 100% responsive.
Kieran Daniels

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Jamil Velji
[Disclosure: I am the Director of Business Development for Instapage]

I would love to invite anyone to check out Instapage vs Unbounce. Not just for ease of use as well as overall usability, pricing, and capability.

If you aren't a trained designer UB has a very steep learning curve. You can try our entire builder without entering CC information. UB offers a free 30 day trial with credit card info.

I would also like to correct some untruths here:

Instapage hosts every page created in our builder (with 2 way encryption) on 8 of Amazon's fastest geolocated servers. Whether you use our .instapage free hosting or your own custom domain.

Unbounce only provides A/B testing, the basis of this entire concept, on their $99/month plan and above. Instapage provides A/B testing, Wordpress integration AND Facebook publishing for free on all plans.

Instapage integrates directly with Salesforce and Infusionsoft and many other powerful solutions as well. See Below:

Instapage provides over 70 high quality templates and each one has both mobile responsive templates and desktop versions out of box.

Also, you should note that Instapage allows UNLIMITED free custom domains and we will be releasing and embed publish feature this month. UB will charge you $10 PER PAGE you create, on top of their $99 per month fee.

I would love to extend our free account to you or anyone and check out our solution. We have always said first and foremost, shop around and try out all your options.

Cheers thanks so much for your feedback!
Kathleen Garvin

SEMrush employee.

Kieran Daniels
Thanks for chiming in, Kieran!

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

I would suggest the following: CoSchedule (blogging productivity), Charlie (Gmail extension to drive business development).
Kathleen Garvin

SEMrush employee.

Mark Evans
The more I learn about CoSchedule, the more I dig (especially this tool: Thanks for chiming inn Mark!
Tia Fomenoff

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Thanks Jamil for recommending Unbounce! Happy to say we also use quite a few tools on this list ourselves. We recently used Typeform to build our own quizzes for our Conversion Marketing Glossary.

Although the term growth hacking is starting to wane a bit, every marketer still needs to plan and act with growth in mind, so this is a helpful arsenal to have on hand :)
Kathleen Garvin

SEMrush employee.

Tia Fomenoff
Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting, Tia! Would love to have someone from your awesome team talk about best practices for the blog. :)

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