17 Great Examples of Branded Periscope Videos

Aaron Agius

Oct 27, 20155 min read
Examples of Branded Periscope Videos

Have you tried Periscope yet? The livestreaming platform has begun to take off over the past few months as companies seek the best way to draw in new audiences, and potential customers, to their broadcasts.

Periscope allows users to share live video streams that generally aren’t available afterwards for repeated viewing – it’s kind of like the Snapchat of video sharing.

This means that if someone doesn’t watch your video the moment it’s happening, they’ll miss the chance forever, creating real urgency that, when combined with engaging content, means that you can guarantee some strong viewing figures.

Have a look at these seventeen brands and the way they’ve used livestreaming to promote themselves, and see if you can think of some good ideas to share your own business through Periscope.

Red Bull Show Sports Stars Being Fun

Of course Red Bull is king of content on Periscope – the energy drink company has a ‘try anything’ approach to branding that’s been working well for them since day one.

Red Bull’s videos tend to show behind-the-scenes footage of a variety of extreme sports stars in a more relaxed setting than you’d typically get to see, playing foosball or otherwise goofing off.

Spotify Goes Behind the Scenes With Musicians

Music fans have enjoyed many of Spotify’s broadcasts, including intimate acoustic shows from Conor O’Brian of Villagers fame, and an exclusive interview with Avery Wilson.

The company’s started using Periscope interviews as a reward for sharing and playing music, such as their current campaign to encourage sharing of Becky G’s current single Lovin’ So Hard. If fans reach 15 million shares, the singer will do an exclusive chat on Periscope.

DKNY Shows off Closet of 'PR Girl'

This fun video from DKNY’s former 'PR girl' Aliza Licht gave fans the chance to see the insides of the DKNY’s wardrobe full of clothing, providing some interesting insight into the world of fashion.

Proving the blink-and-you-miss-it nature of the platform, Licht has since left the company and even deleted the tweet which originally pointed to Periscope’s video stream, which means that those who didn’t see this live will never get the chance to see something similar again.

General Electric Broadcasts an Interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Science fans probably would have loved a chance to see this exclusive interview, but if you didn’t see it when it premiered, it’s gone forever. Sorry for getting your hopes up!

Audi Shares a Professional Racing Driver Playing Video Games

Dion von Moltke showed up in an entertaining Audi Periscope video answering live questions from fans while playing the popular racing simulator Forza 5. Fans enjoyed watching him failing to do two things at once.

Jimmy Fallon Rehearses His Lines

Fans of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show got the unique opportunity to watch him rehearse for a show through Periscope’s rival platform, Meerkat.

Fallon has also livestreamed footage of himself playing Mario Kart with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, for those who like to see comedians get hit by UFC champions with turtle shells at high speed.

Adidas Shows a Sports Star Writing on a Piece of Paper

Proving that anything is news-worthy if you’re famous enough, Adidas drew heads by livestreaming soccer star James Rodriguez signing an extension to his contract with the company.

Personal moments like these that fans normally wouldn’t get to see hold a lot of potential with the medium.

Mashable Provides a Live Poetry Slam

The popular website gave five poets the opportunity to perform live readings of their poetry to Periscope users, which is an adorable way to provide culturally beneficial branded videos.

New York Yankees Hit Some Balls

Baseball fans would have enjoyed watching a Yankee batting practice when it was broadcast on Periscope back in May. The team is pretty active when it comes to livestreaming, so new followers still stand a chance at seeing something similar.

Mountain Dew Gives Away Free Merchandise

In a smart plan by the popular soft drink, viewers of their Periscope videos have been sent free t-shirts and baseball caps. This means that fans have an extra incentive to tune in, and if they win, they’ll provide the company with free advertising by wearing their logo.

Lonely Planet Shows Off Detroit

A video from Lonely Planet showed off the sites to be seen in the busy city of Detroit’s Eastern Market, giving viewers a real-time experience of walking through the streets.

Nestle Show Summer Scenes

To promote their Drumstick ice cream, Nestle used Periscope to show fans some live traditional summer views, getting viewers in the mood for tasty cold treats in celebration of the first day of summer.

British Museum Offers Live Online Tours

In one particularly fun use of Periscope technology, the British Museum has offered viewers the chance to go on guided tours of the exhibits. Viewers can comment to ask for different views or more information, making the tour more interactive.

Honda Announce a New Car

Car manufacturer Honda used Periscope at the grand opening of their Silicon Valley research facility to unveil a brand new car. Periscope is likely to see more use as a breaking news platform in the near future.

[Tweet ".@Periscope is likely to see more use as a breaking news platform in the near future."]

Model Shows Off a Little Too Much

Nora Segura, a model based in Los Angeles who was once romantically linked with soccer star Tim Howard, has been accused of using Periscope to broadcast some – ahem – racy material, which we won’t go into too much detail about here.

Whether or not Periscope approves of her actions, it’s certainly got people talking about her personal branding choices. The moral of the story is that, in the world of instant video streaming, a little controversy can go a long way.

Doritos Run Live Contests

To drum up interest in their new Doritos Roulette, the chip brand has been using Periscope to give away prizes to live viewers, meaning that fans of corn chips have all the more incentive to tune in.

Carly Fiorina Runs For President Through Periscope

One of the weirdest uses of this new platform saw US presidential candidate Carly Fiorina conduct a Q&A session through Periscope just hours after announcing her candidacy. It’ll be interesting to see if livestreaming catches on as a tool for political propaganda in this election or the next.

Watch Once, Remember Forever

It’s only been around for a few months, but already, Periscope has proven itself a pretty flexible tool for branded messages and other marketing. As the app grows in popularity, there’s no doubt marketers will find even more unique ways of providing viewers with fun live content.

Do you have some suggestions for ways to use Periscope? Do you know of another brand livestream that didn’t make this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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