20+ Marketing Events Worldwide Not To Miss in 2017

Kate Makulova

Dec 08, 20169 min read
Marketing Events Worldwide

The end of the year is approaching, which means one thing: time to plan your events schedule for next year. With this in mind, we have recently published a huge calendar of SEO, digital marketing, and tech conferences from every continent for 2017.

But with hundreds of international conferences, all with famous speakers, strong networking opportunities and unforgettable atmospheres, how can you choose which ones to attend?

To help you plan your must-visit events calendar, we’ve asked experts from many different countries to give advice on local events that are absolutely worth visiting.

Samantha Noble

HeroConf (London, October 24-26)

This is the only dedicated paid media conference in the UK (which always surprises me – as there should be more), and the quality of the presentations and speakers is brilliant. Whether you have been doing paid media for years or you are just starting out, everyone that attends this event will learn something.

BrightonSEO (Brighton, April 7, September 15)

This event is a firm favorite of mine for various reasons, including the vast variety of talks that are offered. Kelvin Newman does a great job of making sure there are talks covering lots of digital marketing disciplines, and he doesn’t just bring in the same speakers each year; there are always a lot of new faces on stage, meaning you can learn from a different perspective. One of the main reasons I love BrightonSEO is the networking opportunities that it brings. In September, I believe there were over 3,000 attendees, which is incredible!

Unbounce - Call to Action (Vancouver, June 25-27)

This isn’t a conference that I have been to yet, but I have heard amazing things about it, and it’s certainly on my list of events to attend. I think it is important to not only focus on driving traffic to your websites, but also focus on converting those visitors, and the Call to Action conference is dedicated to that.

Bastian Grimm

SMX Munich (Munich, March 14-15)

I really like how it has developed and set itself apart from other German events by

a) the quality of it’s content, which is insanely good, but not necessarily only intended for a German-speaking audience (in fact, the mix of international speakers is totally unique in Germany)

b) the sheer size of the event: two days, well over 1,200 attendees, massive 5 tracks in parallel, an agenda that covers a broad range of search topics.

SEOkomm (Salzburg, November)

The other show I’d also recommend going to SEO-komm, a single-day conference solely focused on SEO. The content and tracks (except for the boot camp sessions) are among the most advanced you’ll see at any conference. Combine this with (probably) the best networking possibilities and workshop program around and you’ll understand why I haven’t missed a single one since it was first launched six years ago.

SEO-Day (Cologne, October 19)

My third recommendation is SEO-day – currently the second largest SEO show in Germany. It includes three tracks in parallel, including an “Expert Day.” Make this event in Cologne a must-attend show.

Marco Volpe

Local Strategy (Bologna, Jan 28)

Everyone is talking about mobile, but few take into consideration the reference to mobility, the main feature of this technology. The reports provided by Google, in fact, show us that visits from the searches “Near me” are much more relevant and have higher chances to end up with transactions.

So it is fundamental for local businesses to run marketing campaigns with this target.

In Italy, a pioneer in the local search and, at the same time, the main expert in this field is Luca Bove, who organizes in Bologna the first edition of the Local Strategy event.

Adworld Experience (Bologna, April 13-14)

Every year this event brings something new to digital marketing industry in Italy (and it’s solely about AdWords).Starting preparing the next edition of the event just after the closing session of the previous one, Gianpaolo Lorusso and Francesco Tinti manage to bring to Bologna conference room the best and the most successful examples of paid marketing campaigns presented by the best international and Italian speakers.

The workshops run on the first day alone are already worth the ticket price, and complete videos of all sessions provided to all the attendees afterwards significantly increase ROI on agencies’ educational budgets.

Web Marketing Festival (Rimini, June 23-24)

Moved to the resort city of Rimini two years ago, Web Marketing Festival immediately became the key industry event in Italy. The number of participants over 3000 speaks for itself. Organized with meticulous care by Search On Media Group, Web Marketing Festival hosts over 100 carefully selected speakers in 10 parallel tracks. 

The event provides not only high-level sessions on every aspect of digital marketing, but also incredible networking opportunities with beach parties and seafood dinners in the atmosphere ofthe famous Italian resort.

Fernando Macia Domene

The Inbounder (Madrid - March 3, Milan - April 3, London - May 2, New York - June 2)

This is the brainchild of Gianluca Fiorelli. In only a short period of time, The Inbounder has become an international event, which is held in Spain. Gianluca has managed to attract professionals from the SEO landscape at the global level. It is your only chance to see people like Rand Fishkin, Bas van den Beld, Barbara Mackey and Lisa Myers in Spain. So that's why The Inbounder is a must-visit event.

This year the conference will take a new format - The Inbounder World Tour, that will take place in four cities: Madrid (Spain), Italy (Milan), London (United Kingdom) and New York (USA).

ClinicSEO (Barcelona, October 27)

This event is organized by Miguel Pascual, Koke, Arturo Marimón and others. This event is held in isolation, and as part of another huge expo (for example, at eShow, Futurizz, etc).

In my opinion, at ClinicSEO, people could understand how other professionals work and learn even more from speeches. The speakers are high quality, and I could say the same about the audience. Speakers should be prepared to answer any question that may be asked.

SEOnthebeach (La Manga del Mar Menor, June 23-24)

This congress is totally different from all other events organized in Spain and, for sure, outside the country. Sico attracts to la Manga del Mar Menor excellent professionals who share their best practices, their strategies and their knowledge for a couple of days in an informal atmosphere. Learning, networking opportunities and fun are promised as well.

Julien Ringard

The SEO events industry is flourishing and often it is difficult to choose which events to attend! Training, conferences, meetings, etc…So many available to go to for inspiration! Here is a small selection of 3 events that I would recommend to visit in the upcoming year.

SEOCamp’us Paris (Paris, March)

Let's start with the SEOCamp’us Paris! Initially it started as an association around SEO (which existed since 2008), but now it became a must visit event. Each year, in Paris, it brings together more than 300 people including the best SEO experts and professionals. During the event you can also pass an SEO certification (EESC), which is well-known in the SEO world. Also, in that one day, there are over 45 conferences and workshops. You will have an opportunity to discover and deepen your knowledge about SEO, web analytics, social media but as well as the monetization of all this.

QueDuWeb (Deauville, April 27-28)

From SEOCamp’us, we move on to QueDuWeb! This year, it was one of the events not to be missed! I traveled across all of France to get there and I do not regret it at all! QueDuWeb is a series of conferences, from the Growth Hacking to SEO audit and the digital strategy of brands. It consists of a very rich program with speakers with expertise in many particular fields. The next edition will take place once again in the heart of the beautiful city of Deauville on April 27 and 28 of 2017.

Customer Relationship & Marketing Meetings (Cannes, Nov 8-10)

Let’s finish off with a little business touch: Customer Relationship & Marketing Meetings in Cannes. The concept of this event is the mixture of an expo and business meetings. Here, the participants are welcomed like kings: hotels, transport, every little aspect is taken cared. Between the individual appointments, planned in advance according to the interests of exhibitors and top decision makers, there are also conferences and workshops as well as business meals and evenings out. Networking is very constructive here!

Arnout Hellemans

Conversion Hotel (Amsterdam, November 17-19)

The best thing about this conference is the way the organizers create the absolute perfect atmosphere for networking. Basically, you are stuck on an island with a bunch of amazing people, who specialize not only in CRO, but other digital marketing areas, such as SEO, analytics and more, for a full 48 hours. It's a perfect place where you can learn many things about the industry not only from the stage but from each of them and enjoy every minute you spend there.

The Next Web Conference  (Amsterdam, May 18-19)

If you need some inspiration, you should definitely visit this one. It's a huge international event with great speakers, great visitors, great topics, impressive venues, food trucks (even with oysters!) and a robust networking application. You just feel this vibe from everything happening around you.

Friends of Search (Amsterdam, February 16)

In my opinion, this is the only search marketing conference in the Netherlands. People who are eager to learn about SEO and like listening to some of the best speakers the SEO world has to offer should choose this event. The organizers are very meticulous about the lineup and they are good at getting awesome speakers in their line-up.

Rafael Rez

Three of the most important Brazilian digital marketing events are held in two of the best cities in the country.

Social Media Week (Sao Paolo, September)

This event takes place in Sao Paulo and attracts people from different areas and industries. The speeches are voted online by attendees, which helps you choose the most popular topics. This event usually takes place in September.

Expo Digitalks (Sao Paolo, August)

Expo Digitalks happens in August and unites the whole city of Sao Paulo with relevant speeches and a lot of networking opportunities.

RD Summit (Florianopolis, November)

The third one is the most important industry event in Brazil, which takes place at the end of Octoberthrough the beginning of November in Florianópolis. Aside from being the largest digital marketing event in the country, it is also the best one, and it gathers the best Brazilian (and international) specialists who cover the most relevant topics. If you can only choose one event to attend, I’d definitely recommend this one!

Lars Skjoldby

SEOday (Kolding, January 17)

SEOday is the biggest SEO event in Denmark. It's a one-day SEO conference with the best and most experienced national and international speakers.

The topics range from technical SEO and analytics findings to content marketing and link building. It's an absolute must for any Danish search marketer to attend.

MarketingCamp (Copenhagen, June 14)

At this event you can find information about any online marketing subject– email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media – you name it.

Besides getting marketing inspiration, there is also a strong focus on networking at events before and after MarketingCamp. It's a great opportunity to catch up or meet with like-minded online marketers.

ConversionBoost (Copenhagen, March 14)

What is your website worth if you can't convert? At ConversionBoost, you’ll hear some of the best national and international CRO speakers, who share their tools and thoughts on how to do conversion rate optimization. You’ll also get inspiring case studies from Danish businesses, demonstrating how they are optimizing their websites to create a better user experience and get more conversions.

Lukas Mehnert

MarketingFestival (Prague, October)

This is the ultimate event held in the Czech Republic. It’s a real "first class digital marketing event," and it’s not only for Czech attendees – the whole event is in English. You will have the chance to see inspirational A-class speakers from all over the world. Jindrich Faborsky is works very hard to attend all kinds of events around the globe in order to bring the most interesting speakers to his event. He not only takes the extra step to discuss every presentation with the speakers, but he is also presenting 10 unique Czech and international case studies that have never been presented before. Enjoy the evening events and network with all kinds of online professionals.

Secret tip: You can purchase all the videos from previous years for only 1,000 Czech crowns ($40 USD) per year.

Last year’s speakers included: Avinash Kaushik, Mike King, Martin Roettgerding, Oli Gardner, Bart Schutz, Larry Kim, Phil Nottingham, Marcus Tober, Frederick Vallaeys and many more.

WebExpo (Prague, September)

WebExpo is an event dedicated to the online world as a whole: design, development and business. More than 70 speakers and 2,000 attendees discuss all current online trends. You can learn about these trends, as well as what’s happening in the world of business from international leaders. Additionally, you can enjoy the charm of Prague and learn all about new trends.

PPC Camp (Lipno nad Vltavou, January 27-29)

As a PPC lover, this event is my favorite. You can enjoy three full days-worth of agency and in-house PPC team content. Twice a year, Ulab Rocks organizes the top event for PPC Geeks, with more than 30 attendees and 15 in-depth presentations. The only rule to attend: you have to submit a topic, which you will speak about.

So, which events are you definitely visiting in 2017? Please share them in the comments below and tell us why these are on your must-visit list!

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