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2012: A News Boom Year!

Alexandra Tachalova
2012: A News Boom Year!

2012: A News Boom Year!

The year 2012 was a year rich with extremely different occasions that were full of many feelings such as happiness, pride, sorrow, fearlessness, and fortune. Before we direct your attention to the rising daily news trends and give you the breaking news market Google search engine overview we’d like to highlight some of the biggest stories which appear to have deeply touched readers:

  • In the first months of 2012, we were faced with the Iran's increasing news interest caused by the rapidly growing tension between the United States and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program.
  • Autumn news coverage was associated with Hurricane Sandy, the large storm that crashed into the Eastern Seaboard on October 29th.
  • One of the most major news events in 2012 was the US election, as President Barack Obama earned a second term after defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.
  • During all of 2012, European Union countries were faced with a serious economic crisis and significant growth of unemployment.
  • Finally, the news of the shooting rampage that occurred in a suburban Connecticut school attained the highest social response.

According to Google’s official message from Matt Cutts - good copywriting skills can easily defeat professional search engine optimization consultant. In his speech, Mr. Cutts confirmed that there are still plenty of websites with poor organic search engine optimization strategy but a great amount of traffic that is driven by unique technology news articles. The demand for high-quality content has overtaken its position in many industries, and one of them is the news. We tried to build our analytics snapshot for the news industry based on top news websites:

  • Google News
  • CNN News
  • ABC
  • New York Times

One of the most easily recognizable metrics which can be linked to the rising trend of news sites is the changes in historical organic keyword shares. Analyzing Google keyword performance on big news sites for the last 6 months has added some interesting facts to our survey. Following is a short list of what can be determined as measurable sites:

  • ABC Google keywords database increased dramatically – more than 60%
  • New York Times website has shown a big Google's keyword ranking gap between June and November – around 50% growth
  • The share of Google News keywords presence in search results has doubled.

SEMrush Keywords News Sites for organic keywords 2011 vs 2011

Therefore, the keywords that are increasing in the news market were mainly pushed by consumer demand, which was also sped up by Google’s role (e.g. digital sources) in our lives. Moving forward, most of the newly born Google search queries have been driven by consumer interest, which can also be analyzed and categorized using the keywords lists. Moreover, the news market share can have a significant impact on all other websites that would like to choose the best content themes. Further dashboard performance may give you, my dear reader, a solid understanding and let you keep a very close eye on uncovered content opportunities.

SEMrush CNN news interest changes 2011 vs 2012

With the data mentioned above we see that entertainment news has gained the best results – over 4 times growth, and the next is daily news with over 2 times growth. At this point, we have completed the main mission of describing the news market overview. Based on what we found you can choose the right group of content whether it be entertainment, daily news, social or sports, and if you remember the unique and creative style, success won’t wait to follow your website.

P.S. During my research I pulled together the most successful news stories that generated the most traffic for CNN. Maybe you will find them to be as useful as I have. Top 5 June 2012 News Stories

  1. Facebook just switched your default e-mail address
  2. Casey Anthony: 'I didn't kill my daughter'
  3. Crate & Barrel's 50 year 'fun run'
  4. Spotify launches iPhone streaming radio
  5. Steve Jobs, Apple founder, dies

Top 5 November 2012 News Stories

  1. Priceline to buy Kayak for $1.8 billion
  2. Who wants to fly American Airlines?
  3. SOPA explained: What it is and why it matters
  4. Dieters in Weight Watchers study drop up to 15 pounds in a year
  5. Brittany Murphy's death ruled an accident

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