2016 Calendar of Digital Marketing and Business Events


The world of digital marketing is diverse. It includes SEO, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing and many other inevitable processes. But marketing isn’t limited to online activities only. Today, every professional marketer understands that offline events can be a powerful tool for strengthening your marketing activities.

You can also visit our brand new Events page! On this page you'll find information and all updates of the events that SEMrush experts are planning to attend.

Industry-related conferences and expos can boost your chances of building brand awareness. Building a relationship between consumers and your brand will create new opportunities to connect with them. Also, conferences are a good way to enhance your knowledge and skills.

It’s worth mentioning that your event marketing campaigns will only be successful if planned beforehand, organized carefully, and strengthened using other tactics. For example, these tactics might include live tweeting, giving keynote speeches or master classes, organizing face-to-face meetings with your partners, or sending follow-up emails to people you connected with at the event.

We decided to make a comprehensive list of digital marketing and business events for 2016! The following events cover a wide range of topics, including search, technology, content, blogging, social media, analytics and mobile.

You will find conferences in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We hope that these lists will help you plan, organize and schedule all your marketing activities for the events you are planning to attend.

Also, you'll see the SEMrush logo near some of the events – these are the conferences we plan to attend and we'll be glad to meet you there!

Calendar of Digital Marketing
and Business Events

Please note that several events haven't confirmed dates for 2016 yet. Also, dates of some of the events may change. Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated!

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This is a great list! How come there aren't any Canadian conferences listed?
Kathleen Burns
We're expanding into Canadian conferences too. But we're open to suggestions on what to add! Especially for the upcoming 2017 year. :)
Kathleen Burns
Thanks for that information! Cant wait to see 2017's list. If I could only add 2 Canadian Conferences, I would list InboundCon in Toronto and Call To Action in Vancouver!
Call to Action was a great conference that happened earlier this year. We had a co-worker attend and came back with nothing but great things to say and lots of information to share!
Inboundcon 2016 is happening Oct 6, 2016 in Toronto!
Thx for the list. Is it possible to add our event in Geneva, Switzerland on May 20?...with Semrush ;-) Our event is in French.
Patrick Chareyre
Hi Patrick! Thank you for the heads up. We'll be happy to add Performanceweb to our list
Jordi Torrijos
Great job, Ekaterina! But I miss more events in Latam!
And downloadable/printable versions would be a great extra
Kathleen Burns
Jordi Torrijos
Hey Jordi! I can certainly pass this along to our design teams and see if they would be able to generate a few printable versions! :)