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2016 Oscar Nominees: What Movies Did People Search For Last Year?

Daria Voronina
2016 Oscar Nominees: What Movies Did People Search For Last Year?

Each year, the end of February is marked by the most important ceremony for anyone who is involved in the movie industry. Obviously, I’m speaking about The Oscars. Right now, actors, film directors, screenwriters, and other moviemakers are waiting for the event and dreaming about going home with a little golden statuette in their hands.

When the nominees were announced, we got very excited about the upcoming ceremony! Then we thought that it would be interesting to see what movies were among the nominees people searched for most often. Using SEMrush data, we checked the volumes of several key phrases that included the name of a film and the word "movie." This word is needed in order to deliver relevant results for the respective movie. However, we only used the title of a film in cases where it was very specific, such as Mad Max: Fury Road or Bridge of Spies.

In January, when the nominees were announced, the talk about what movie is more likely to take home an award continued, growing into Oscar predictions and bets. It is not surprising that the most nominations went to The Revenantit received 12 nominations! Isn't that pretty impressive?

But it was a real surprise when Mad Max: Fury Road became the movie with the second-highest number of nominationsit received 10. Finally, The Martian rounds out the top three, and it could possibly claim golden statuettes in seven categories.

So, we decided to check the volumes of key phrases that contained the title of a film that was nominated. The volume metric is the average number of search queries for a queried keyword in the last 12 months. As the Best Motion Picture category is widely thought to be the most important, we chose films from this category. We received the following results:

And the winner is...Mad Max: Fury Road! As you can see, users searched for this film more often, as opposed to The Revenant which had the lowest keyword volume, but still the same IMDB rating. Both films, as well as Spotlight, received 8.2 stars.  It seems that cinemagoers looked forward to seeing the wild post-apocalyptic action film a long time ago – it was one of the most anticipated movies of 2015.

Another keyword with a large search volume is "the martian movie," which seems quite logical, since the movie was talked about for a whole year before its premier. Not to mention the viral marketing campaign conducted by 3AM and RSA that was intended to shed more light on the world created in The Martian.

Bridge of Spies appeared to be the third most-searched-for movie, despite its very decent marketing campaign. Nevertheless, many cinemagoers were anticipating the film. And it’s no wonder that many people wanted to watch the movie directed by Steven Spielberg, an Oscar-winner, with Tom Hanks, another Oscar-winner, in the lead role.

We also looked through several articles about Oscar predictions and we found out that three pictures seem to be frontrunners, as they won top guild awards: The Revenant (a Directors Guild of America Award), Spotlight (a Screen Actors Guild and a Writers Guild of America Award), and The Big Short (a Producers Guild of America and a Writers Guild of America Award). According to the experts’ predicted winners by Golden Derby, these three movies are the most probable Oscar winners, with The Revenant in the lead position.

And even if The Revenant doesn't get the Best Picture Oscar, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio will finally have good luck!

Stay tuned and we’ll provide you with even more interesting data!

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