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22 Cliches That Will Make You Look Smart

Liza Perstneva
22 Cliches That Will Make You Look Smart

Hello dear SEMrush Blog readers!

Most of you have already participated in our #semrushchat or at least have heard about it. Olga Andrienko and me have been the #semrushchat hosts for a year and a half, so I can say that we are Twitter Chat veterans by now. We saw thousands of tweets – smart, funny, helpful, ordinary, outstanding, long and short. And then we saw them again, and again, and again...

So for today we created a list of most common Twitter Chat phrases. At first glance, these phrases may appear evident or too trite to you. You could even play bingo with them – or, you can use them to rock any Twitter chat you take part in! The tweets below always gain the greatest amount of shares and likes.

They might be cliches, but they have proven to be the real words of marketing wisdom.

Try them out! :)

  1. Know your audience!
  2. Use your brain!
  3. Mobile first!
  4. Content is the king!
  5. Distribution is the queen!
  6. SEO is not dead
  7. Test! Test! Test!
  8. Quality over quantity
  9. Use common sense!
  10. Build relations not links!
  11. It’s all about UX now
  12. Depends on your goals
  13. Create a content calendar!
  14. Write for people not for search engines!
  15. Not all <...> are created equal!
  16. Provide value!
  17. Optimize for fat fingers
  18. Make it user-friendly
  19. Optimize every piece of your content
  20. Use Schema!
  21. Listen! (to your audience)
  22. Tools: brain, pen, paper and coffee

Hope this list was helpful and made you smile while reading! If you have something to add please feel free to leave your comments.

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Liza Perstneva is a Social Media Manager at SEMrush and a #SEMrushchat host. Follow Liza on Twitter.
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Ryan Anderson
Something along the lines of "low-hanging fruit". I would be a fruititarian for as much low-hanging fruit as i have snatched up in my day. Too much stuff today is focused on getting "your piece of the pie", I say go for the gusto!
Omi Sido
Tools: brain, pen, paper and my new motto :-)
Ryan Tweek Hughson
Definitely used a lot of these, though i'm not sure how I have never seen "Optimize for fat fingers" haha that's gold.
Kathleen Burns
Ryan Tweek Hughson
Homer Simpson says please don't discriminate against fat fingers. :)

(photo credit:
Lissabeth Perstneva
Kathleen Burns
Lol love the pic! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen!
Kathleen Burns
Lissabeth Perstneva
You're welcome Lissabeth! :)
Lissabeth Perstneva
Ryan Tweek Hughson
Glad you liked the post, Ryan! :)

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