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3 Facebook Advertising Hacks For Small Business Exposure

Robert Childers
3 Facebook Advertising Hacks For Small Business Exposure

Facebook advertising is an awesome marketing investment for small business exposure… but only if it’s done the right way. Too often companies throw together social media ads that spam rather than engage. And that’s why conversions are low. So in order to gain the results you want with your Facebook efforts, the right strategies have to be implemented.

These 3 Facebook advertising hacks will help take your social media marketing to the next level - and bring in the right customers!

1 - Unique Image

When it comes to your ad, you definitely want to use an image that gets the viewer’s attention. The image should be out of the ordinary. It’s important for marketers to note that people go on Facebook for entertainment purposes, not to be advertised to. So you want an image that stands out and provides something of interest.

The goal is to get people to want to stop scrolling through their newsfeed and really look at your ad. So if you’re a dentist, avoid showing a smiling family or couple for your ad. Go beyond what’s expected and done by other dentists in the field. Here’s an awesome example:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.02.04 AM

2 - Use New Ad Formats

Whenever Facebook comes out with a new ad format, use it early and use it often. These tend to do really well, especially in the beginning. People are usually intrigued by Facebook’s new ad formats because they’re different. So instead of waiting to see how they do, utilize them from the get go and test the formats out yourself. That tends to have better results.

Also, if you wait until a new format has already been tested, your ad can get stale and it might not get the performance that it would have if you originally used the format right away. One of our favorite examples of this is Facebook’s carousel ads.

3 - Landing Pages

Have a landing page that reflects your Facebook ad and essentially matches it to a tee. This is super beneficial for several reasons. To begin, when a customer clicks on a Facebook ad, they don’t want to have to sift through any information to find what the ad covered. Landing pages avoid this because they’re very targeted and to the point. They avoid what people dread - bombarded with abundant information on stuff they don’t care about.

really don't care

Landing pages encourage the visitor to convert more than a generic website page does due to the specific message crafted on it. They’re easier to navigate, pinpoint the exact service or product mentioned in the ad, and have super clear CTAs (call to action). If you still aren’t convinced, check out why landing pages convert way more traffic than websites.

If you have any questions on how to get started with your Facebook ads or optimize them for killer results, contact our team or comment below!

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Robert Childers is Loud Rumor’s Facebook Advertising guru. He’s the king of Facebook campaigns, ads, and overall marketing. Two of his favorite things are getting conversions and… Chilis.
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Facebook video ads are actually really hot now if you want to mix things up.
Great Post.
Do you think carousel ads perform better on mobile than the ordinary ads ?
I am an Inbound Marketer working for Inbound Mantra
Loud Rumor
Neil Verma
Thanks for the question, Neil! I know you probably hear this a lot... but it's situational. Carousel ads tend to do really well but there's no set formula. They do better when you have several visuals you want to showcase. But the only way to really know what's best for your business is testing it! From my experience, they have TONS of potentials.
Loud Rumor
Thanks Robert - I ll surely experiment with some carousel ads now :)
Neil Verma
Inbound Mantra is an Inbound Marketing agency, right?
Rajesh Jhamb
Hi Rajesh,
Yes it is an Inbound Marketing Agency. Do you need any inbound consultation ?
Great post. I haven't advertised in Facebook in the past year and I need to see the changes first hand. Since I've read positive feedback about Facebook's carousel ads, it immediately drew interest on me and would want to try this for my business. Good thing, I stumble upon this post. Now, I know where to start in going back to Facebook ads.
Loud Rumor
Awesome, John! You'll have to let us know how it goes - this is one of my top favorite ad formats. They're really great for engagement!
Mike Poynton
Nice post, Robert. Am resharing across my socmed channels. Very much like your point about new ad formats. We've had some great success with Facebook's carousel ads. They're great for mobile, interactive and you can pack a lot of information into a single ad. Thanks!
Loud Rumor
Mike Poynton
Thank you, Mike! I appreciate the feedback. Awesome to hear you've had such great success with carousel ads as well - they've really transformed Facebook advertising.