3 Non-Linear Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce SEO

Megan Totka

Mar 30, 20162 min read
Improve Your Ecommerce SEO

The only way to make sales through your e-commerce site is if customers know you exist. While you can advertise a lot of different ways, your ranking in a search engine can bring in a lot of new customers just based on your keyword and location. Improving your page rank in search engines is a constant battle, but with some consistency can really pay off.

Take a look at these indirect ways to improve your search engine optimization by driving more traffic to your site – and boosting ROI and your overall bottom line.

Ask For Feedback on Your Site

Put a survey system in place that directly asks your customers what they like and dislike about the buying process on your site. This will cost you little to no money to implement. Were they able to find what they needed quickly? Was the buying process streamlined? This is also a great way to gauge HOW people found your site in the first place. Was it a search engine? Your social media accounts? From clicking through an advertisement? With consistent feedback from your fans, you can make sure that your e-commerce site is as buyer-friendly as possible to maximize its sales potential. You should also make sure your including perhaps your most passionate fans of all – your employees.

Guest Blog

By now, most established information websites and blogs are aware of link building for commercial reasons and may even be averse to it. So how can you overcome this and boost your e-commerce SEO in the process?

Write a quality guest piece that values information over promotion. When you send it in for consideration, point out the places you have put a link and give the site the option of a link inside the body of the piece or the bio (or both). Make sure the piece is impeccably written before you send it in. In other words, make it completely ready to go so there is not a lot of work on the part of the site’s editor. If you aim for just one guest post placement per month, you’ll soon have a portfolio of work on behalf of your e-commerce site that is varied – and search-engine friendly.


Pay For Influencers – Legitmately

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most powerful form of advertising, and most of that is done through online forums. While you really can’t (and shouldn’t) pay people to post positive reviews for your site/business, you can legitimately get social media and blogging influencers to do it (with the required FCC disclosure). An influencer is a person who has a following that aligns with your own target audience and who is willing to review your products, services or site and talk about it online.

This could be through photos, videos or complete blog posts. You can seek out these influencers on your own or go through an influencer network. In the best cases, you see an immediate increase in traffic to your e-commerce site.

More likely, however, is that an influencer will build your brand awareness and name recognition – and his or her posts will remain when people are looking for recommendations in your niche in the future.

What is your search engine optimization improvement strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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