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3 Tips for Lead Generation Through Marketing Consistency

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3 Tips for Lead Generation Through Marketing Consistency

Kelly Smith Dotson
3 Tips for Lead Generation Through Marketing Consistency

What would happen if, for just one episode, Mike Brady morphed into Archie Bunker?

Can you imagine a cigar-chomping, beer-swilling Mr. Brady peering out the back window: “Greg, you meathead, put the lawnmower back in the carport … can’t you see it’s AstroTurf?!”

Would countless fans who embraced one of television’s most wholesome dads celebrate his new cantankerous style, or would we cringe at his transgressions?

Anyone who’s spent any time in front of a TV from the late 1960s to today knows that the upstanding Mike Brady is the polar opposite of the surly, crusty Archie Bunker – and trying to position himself in such a way would only undermine his previously earned integrity and credibility. This same logic applies to your organization’s brand. Though it may be tempting to put on a facade and introduce fun and topical ideas, don’t.

My company identifies as a trust brand. We’re a proven partner with blue chip clients operating in one of the world’s fastest-growing technology spaces – one we pioneered. It would be reckless – and damaging – for us to pretend to be anything else. It can be tempting to flirt with the latest fad, but that’s not what our loyal (and potential) customers rely on us for.

Consistent messaging ensures users get the relevant results they’re looking for. It’s the best way to increase lead conversion because it creates a logical flow from your marketing material to your landing page to any additional experiences you’re providing – such as downloadable assets. Failure to be consistent will result in clicks that immediately bounce off your landing page because the message didn’t deliver the experience you promised.

How to Establish Your Consistent Message

Your brand needs to establish an accurate identity and point of view that differentiates it from the pack. Then, you need to stick with it.

It’s critical to understand where your competitors play and what words they already own. If a rival company is all about quickly creating replicable results, consider being about personalization and unique, customized experiences.

Clever messages that aren’t linked to your product, positioning or strategic goals aren’t worth sharing because they won’t generate great leads. But being consistent doesn’t mean being humdrum. Be sure to use creative imagery and copy that grabs users’ attention, and tactfully incorporate current events that align with your established positioning.

Once you’ve pinpointed your unique brand messaging, don’t stray from it. Use it to continually build awareness and improve lead conversion. Here are three tips to help you do just that:

1. Flip the commitment switch

It takes an entire team to present a consistent message across all platforms – and every single member must commit to this cause. However, without a North Star to guide them, brand messages will be all over the map. I like to use the company’s vision and mission as a compass that points directly to our brand positioning and personality.

This creates an instant filter to help employees determine whether or not a program aligns with who our brand is. I know the team is committed when employees ask how a program or project relates back to our vision and mission. 

2. Consult with the big players 

You’re much more likely to see strong results in your digital campaigns – whether from click-through or the downloading of gated assets – if you leverage the borrowed interest of experts. We frequently purchase the rights to analyst reports and other credible third-party sources regarding the current marketing ecosystem. These could include digital use rights, marketing rights, or even old-school reprint rights. 

3. Test and reboot 

Test your messages to see how they resonate with customers before creating entire campaigns. We use digital ads as a quick way to see if a message works, and if it does, we blow it out from there. We use click-throughs to see if our customers are finding what they want, and if we see a lot of page bounces, we know it’s time to get back to the drawing board and rethink our messaging and overall strategy.

Along with improved lead generation and conversion, consistent messaging also allows for better tracking because the campaign can be evaluated as a collective. And further, it opens the door for more flexibility and testing, as you can drive users from multiple places through multiple media and, if they’re going to the same place (like your website), they’ll all have positive experiences upon arrival.

Just as “The Brady Bunch” producers didn’t attempt to portray their wholesome husband and father as a bullying antagonist, you shouldn’t try to portray your brand as something it’s not. Just one inconsistent message can live on in the depths of the internet, waiting to confuse a potential customer who happens to stumble upon it. 

Kelly Smith Dotson

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Kelly Smith Dotson brings extensive experience in defining strong brands
and building marketing programs that drive business results. At SAVO Group, Kelly is focused on building on SAVO’s leading
market position to further define the sales enablement space and building a
world-class marketing organization.
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I feel like one of the hardest parts of this process is getting everyone on the team on board and excited about it (at least when not everyone on the team has a clear understanding of why it matters so much). For teams like that, step 1 might include a few education sessions to get everyone on the same page in order to successfully move forward as a team.

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Great advice, thank you!

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Lauren Scarpa

SEMrush employee.

Kelly, this article was great and so helpful! Nothing stands out to me more than inconsistent messaging and voice so I hope those struggling use your tips!

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