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SEMrush at Traffic & Conversion: Post-Event Recap

Lauren Murawski
SEMrush at Traffic & Conversion: Post-Event Recap

Hi everyone! We are back from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016 and wanted to share our experience with you. It has been a chilly winter in Philadelphia, so we set our sights on sunny San Diego and the promise of thawing out for a few days.

Once we arrived at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt it was immediately clear that this would be a fun trip. The lobby was already bustling with attendees, marked by their lime green drawstring bags and beaming smiles. We hit the ground running! Us East Coasters couldn’t resist an afternoon outside by the water.

Luckily for us, the sun snuck its way inside to the ballrooms and brightened everyone’s spirits.

Traffic and Conversion by Water

Traffic and Conversion 2

Attendees left sessions invigorated and full of actionable ideas. With presentations from Roland Frasier, Molly Pittman, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few, you would have had to make a conscious effort to NOT absorb something insightful. This was a great benefit for SEMrush, the enthusiasm for learning about new tools and techniques was contagious and made for a productive learning environment.

Traffic and Conversion SEMrush Booth

The evening events offered the opportunity to unwind and network further. Great food, conversation, music and drinks! Our team made some exciting new connections while also catching up with old friends.

Thank you to our hosts at Digital Marketer! The show was a major success and we are very much looking forward to returning next year!


Lauren Murawski is the Event Coordinator for the U.S. office of SEMrush. You can follow her at @lamurawski.

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I was there, too. I kept advocating that they move the sessions outdoors into the sun, but none of the Digital Marketer people seemed into that idea.
Kathleen Burns
Did no one tell you digital marketers might be allergic to sun? Our people are used to sharing spaces in fluorescent-lit halls and meeting rooms. Going into the sun might burn us. Hiss.
Kathleen Burns
I'm the same way, but coming from Montreal the sunshine was too amazing to resist. It was 25 degrees Celsius when I left San Diego and -25 degrees when I got back to Montreal. I could have used more time outdoors there. Haha
Kathleen Burns
Yikes! Major temperature shift. I could see why you would want some more warm sun. I know our team appreciated being outside as much as they could, although the US east coast isn't nearly that cold.
Great Blog. Thank you for sharing

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