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Jenny Silard

4 Strategies for Sexy SEO

Jenny Silard
4 Strategies for Sexy SEO

SEO, the make-or-break factor for getting noticed in the digital world: how do you stand out as a new business?

You could spend hours researching this subject. While that doesn't hurt, you can read this post and get started with four simple steps.

Step 1


This is where it all begins. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you first have to pick a niche where you can appeal to the types of customers who will be “into you.” If you’re a cowboy courting a Wall Street exec, you might have to grab some slacks and a pair of Dock Martins. Target your audience in the same way by correctly using the right keywords.

Simple ways to accomplish this initial task:

1. Start with a “seed list”: a list of phrases and words and products that are important to your target audience. These terms should be both brand and generic terms. Make sure to break your terms down into category, sub-category and specifics. For example, a category term would be cars, a sub-category would be compact SUVs, and a specific term would be buy Honda CRV in North Carolina.

2. Target the right customers by strategically placing relevant keywords at a “density” rate of 1-2%. For instance, in a 1,000-word blog, the keyword would appear 10-20 times, and should be emphasized with formatting options (bold, italic, underline).

3. Use keywords in subheadings. This will help to highlight them within search engines. At the same time, don’t lose your audience by overusing keywords to the point of annoyance: you know that girl you dated briefly that texted you 472 times in one day with no answer from you? Yeaaaa. Don’t be that girl. Just the right amount of sexy SEOgoes a long way.

Summary: Keywords, the dirty talk of the SEO world. Use them.

Step 2


Statistically speaking, people like graphics. We’re lazy, and most peoples’ brains absorb information better through visual aids vs. reading paragraphs. Less time, better retention = #winning.

You can add photos easily to any blog post. Add photos, graphics, charts and graphs, etc. in the alt text section (just remember that textaholic stalker illustration and don’t go overboard).

Summary: Make it pretty if you want to stand out. Whatever they may say, people do judge a book by its cover.

Step 3


One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the appeal of your SEO, metatags are used by search engines to quickly retrieve data. Overlook them, and you’ll be overlooked yourself!

Metatags are simple: just create "tags" for frequently searched phrases (easy in WordPress). If I’m writing an article on, say, basket-weaving, I might use the following metatags: basket-weaving, baskets, DIY, simple steps to basket-weaving, basket-weaving for newbies, basket-weaving for dummies, weaving, etc. (this article is now going to attract some very interesting and unique people).

Summary: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to identify phrases that appeal to them through metatag usage.

Step 4


The best and most intimate relationships evolve through good communication and feedback. In the same way, if you want to hone your SEO skills and maximize your ROI, you need to see what works and what does not.

Google analytics and reports via SproutSocial are fantastic ways to gather feedback on posts. Tracking the success of what you’ve already written helps tailor future postings to be more and more successful.

Summary: Gather analytics reports and statistics on what you’re doing today to be more effective tomorrow.

Final summary? Your 4 Strategies for Sexy SEO are to:

  • Use the right keywords;
  • Add graphics;
  • Effectively utilize metatags; and
  • Gather feedback.

Knowledge is power, but only if you use it. So grab those kitten heels and that little black dress and sexy up your SEO.

Author bio:

Jenny Silard has been a writer and editor since she was picked up by CACI at the age of 18 and became the Proposal Editor and Production Coordinator within two months. As the Director of Content Marketing at Flight Media, she is a passionate lover of all things communications-related and also an avid fitness aficionado. In her spare time she is a mother, certified personal trainer, nationally qualified bodybuilding competitor and sponsored athlete.

Jenny Silard

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

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