5 Actionable Tips and Tools for Content Marketing

Megan Totka

Mar 24, 20173 min read
5 Actionable Tips and Tools for Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved into something you not only should use but something that is essential for the success of your business. It is inevitable you may make some content marketing mistakes as you perfect your strategy; however, there are countless things you can do to pique the interest of your audience. 

Take a look at these five things you should know about content marketing so you can add value to your business.

Use tools in content marketing

Content marketing used to require you to manually perform the majority of the tasks.Now there are countless tools, so most of the tasks related to content marketing are automated. Programs are available to schedule your content to be published and social media tools are available to promote the content. Here's a few:

It is important to use the right tools so you can manage and handle a large campaign without maximum effort. It takes the initial time to get everything set up and may take some time to learn the ropes, but once things are up and running you can focus on other business tasks that need your attention.

Speak to your audience

Content still reigns king and if your content is good people will continue to come back to your website.Retention is just as important and demands integration with the other parts of your marketing.There are several content changes that will result in more traffic and engagement and help your business bring in more revenue.

Diving into keyword research can help you discover what is important to your audience and provide ways to target them with content that will solve their issues. There are many tools to help you with your keyword research for new content:

Content marketing is the force behind your whole marketing campaign. 

Content marketing truly speaks to your audience. It builds relationships between you and your prospective customers and fuels your social media efforts. This is why you have to integrate your content marketing campaign with your entire business.

Appeal to altruistic talent

Content marketing has various uses – even some that extend beyond boosting sales and conversions. Your organization is only as good as your entire team.Workers today want the businesses they work for and their efforts at work to have a purpose.

One of many ways to stand apart from your business competitors is to show that your company makes a difference.You can use content marketing to help you attract the best talent.

Never underestimate the sales funnel

In order to have a highly successful content marketing campaign, you need to have a sales funnel that goes along with it.Consider the main goal of content marketing: to take an individual and lead them in the right direction, down the funnel until they become a customer. Learn how to get people to buy your products and services. A sales funnel is a lot like content marketing – it needs to be refined until you get it perfect.In order to craft that dream sales funnel, you need to have a target audience, multiple funnels, and ve your audience value and a five-star experience. 

Measure and target the right audience

You may notice the buzz that surrounds content marketing and think that it’ll be easy to start a campaign and watch the good things fall into place. This actually isn’t the way things go. It’s very common to see content marketing campaigns crash and burn, unfortunately.

It’s vital to create and share free content so you attract and convert prospects into repeat customers. Make sure you measure the things you are doing to see what is generating results and worth your time.Then you can refine and tweak your strategy until you get your desired results.Remember that the landscape constantly evolves, so this process is one you will need to repeat time and again.

When done correctly, content marketing is highly effective and will show your audience that your offerings are superior to that of your competitors. Take the time to create and share valuable content and you will build your business.

How has content marketing had a positive impact on your business?

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