5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business Success

Chris Marentis

Apr 28, 20153 min read
5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business Success

Now that #Mobilegeddon has arrived, it’s time to make optimizing the mobile experience an absolute priority. At the end of 2014, mobile usage had surpassed desktop usage for the first time. Some 60% of digital media is now consumed on smartphones and tablets, a figure that is up 10% from a year ago. With mobile devices now serving as the primary screens of 2015, it’s time to seriously take a look at your marketing campaigns within the mobile mind frame — specifically, how they are viewed on the go. Listed below are five tips for small businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategy now that we’re living in the post #Mobilegeddon world.

Tip #1: Optimize Email

You can put all your energy into crafting a strategic masterpiece of an email campaign, but when it’s all said and done, it’ll be for naught if you fail to take into account that a majority of people view emails first on their phones nowadays. Research shows that users open 65% of emails on their smartphones, not laptops. In addition, 25% of users who open your email on mobile will then go onto revisit that email on another device. Don’t let your emails end up lost in the depths of the inbox; make them stand out. Some of the best ways of doing just that include:

  • Keep emails short and to the point
  • Emphasize simple design and call to action
  • Add the recipient’s name for a personal factor
  • Use location-specific advertising

Tip #2: Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

Once you’ve garnered the attention of your audience, your landing pages must be ready to take the baton. Someone who’s interested enough in your simple, straightforward email is all too likely to be put off by a complicated or long-winded landing page. Why invest so much time into the email when your landing page fails to deliver on the promise?

Landing pages are the vehicle to continue the conversation started in your email campaign and to outline the next steps of your call to action (CTA). Make it concise, simple and mobile responsive. Length is not as important as creating interest in our product or service, as mobile users have proven to read and scroll for something they really want. But remember, why say something in two paragraphs that you can communicate in two sentences with the same impact?

Tip #3: Know Thy Audience

This rule applies to every aspect of marketing, especially mobile. It’s important to have an understanding of your audience’s motivations. Most users who open an email or visit a landing page on mobile devices do so because they are in the research phase of purchasing and want to learn more. When they’re ready to purchase, they’ll likely head to their laptops to finish the job. This doesn’t mean you should overload your mobile marketing materials with dense information. Instead, make it easy for people to learn more about your product or service quickly and direct them to a call-ready phone number.

Tip #4: Make Action Easy

Following along with that same thought, your email campaign or landing page should make it easy on mobile users to take action. Save the lengthy forms for other arenas; nobody likes filling out a long-form anyways let alone on their phones. Make your opt-in materials clear and concise. Use language that tells your audience it’s easy to take action and can be done right there from their mobile screen. A simple name and email form is all that’s really needed.

Tip #5: KISS — “Keep it Simple, Stupid”

Above all else, keep your mobile marketing campaigns simple. Limited text and screen space leaves no room for fluff. Use this space wisely by getting right to the point and making it easy for mobile users to take that next step.

Have you noticed a repeating theme here? People viewing your campaigns on their mobile devices are on to go. They’re in the middle of doing something else. Most times, you do not have their undivided attention. Why would you send them a lengthy, bothersome email that they can’t instantly recognize the purpose of said email? Here’s a phrase to keep in mind that you’ve no doubt heard before: “Keep it simple, stupid.”

The age of mobile is officially here (and here to stay). How will your business adapt? As smartphones continue to enlarge and tablets continue to replace laptops, it’s not hard to imagine a future where younger generations never even touch a desktop computer or laptop. This is why the push for optimizing your website and marketing campaigns for mobile is becoming so relevant.

What are your favorite mobile marketing tips? Please let us know in the comments!

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