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Anna Talerico

5 Content Strategies That Live Off the Beaten Path

Anna Talerico
5 Content Strategies That Live Off the Beaten Path

 There’s no denying it: content creation is a new gold rush for marketers. Our audiences like graphics on social media, watching mobile video and skimming our blogs in search of ever more personalized messages, and in an effort to meet those demands, we’ve become content factories, trying to produce original content enough to fill every channel under the sun.

However, it’s possible that in an effort to give our audience what they want, we’re overwhelming them with too much too quickly. Good content gets wasted if it reaches the wrong user at the wrong time, which is why it’s so important to think of creative ways to deliver an on-brand message in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive or overwhelming.

Here are a few of our favorite off-the-beaten-path ways to make the most of your content while delivering your message effectively.

Tailor Repurposed Visual Content to Social Media Platforms 

Humans are visual animals, and on social media, images are key for getting audiences to retain information and click on longer content. So take your best stats, research and infographics and make sure you’re posting them on all your social media channels. Colored visuals are 80% more likely to get readers to click on your content, and readers will be 65% more likely to remember content with visuals three days later.

The trick, however, is to rework your content to fit with the social media format. People use different social for different purposes, and a brand that uses a “one and done” social strategy could find themselves standing out in news feeds for all the wrong reasons. If you can get users sharing and engaging with your content across social channels, you’ll not only grow your number of followers, you’ll get followers who are more likely to engage with your message. 

Make the Most of Your Blog Posts

If you’re using a set it and forget it method for blog posts, you could be missing a great opportunity to become a thought leader in your field on sites like LinkedIn (and missing out on a potential audience in the process). At the very least, you should be promoting your posts on LinkedIn.

But you could take it a step further and repurpose you blog post into LinkedIn articles. Depending on the amount of attention you get, the post could end up on the main page for many readers. You can even use calls to action in your LinkedIn posts to draw attention to premium blog content.

Use Less Text (For More Engagement)  

While it may seem counterproductive to increase engagement with content by producing less content, studies show that 55% of all page views only get about 15 seconds of attention. Your audience wants relevant information, and they want it quickly, so why not turn your best, most compelling stats into interactive infographics or even helpful quizzes to get audiences interacting before you present them with a substantial block of text?

And don’t forget to add share buttons to stats and quizzes to get readers sharing your content across social! 

Make Sure Your Video Is Still Great With the Sound Off

The good news is, your video is more likely to be seen than ever before, with 80% of Internet users reporting that they’ve watched a video ad, and 75% of users reporting that they visited marketers’ website after watching video on social media.

The bad news is, the rise mobile and the age of autoplay have created the second era of silent film, with about 50% of users watching soundless video. Make sure your video content is compelling both with and without sound and consider moving it beyond YouTube by sharing it out across social channels as well as making it available on your blog. That gives users many chances to interact with video at different points in the customer journey and ups the odds of getting them to turn the sound on.

Think Small 

In 2015, swiping, clicking, sharing and tapping became more important than ever as a greater share of our audience moved to mobile. Microinteractions, or all those taps, swipes and clicks that make for a personalized, engaging mobile experience, have become essential for helping customers navigate our content and offering a personalized user experience. In fact, studies show responsive sites that optimize microinteractions see an 11% bump in conversions over sites that remain static. So there’s never been a better time than the present to show users that you care about their total, cross-device experience by adding easily navigable, responsive features to all your content.

Have any of these strategies helped you increase exposure and engagement? Let us know in the comments!

Anna Talerico is Co-Founder of ion interactive.

Anna Talerico

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Anna Talerico is Co-Founder of ion interactive.
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