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5 Online Marketing Classes for Digital Marketing Beginners

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5 Online Marketing Classes for Digital Marketing Beginners

Chris Foerster
5 Online Marketing Classes for Digital Marketing Beginners

In today's world, we often feel we must become “experts” in a field almost overnight if we are going to keep up with the competition. 

This fast-paced environment encourages many digital marketers to claim expertise that they do not possess and ultimately leads to poor performance. 

Anyone can claim to be an expert, but many do not have the skills they need to achieve superior results. This leads to mistrust on the part of clients and hesitation to spend their advertising budgets on methods which they are unsure will produce results.

Of course, the cure for this problem is for digital marketers to hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to training. By seeking the best ways to perform digital marketing, we can reclaim the industry and draw a clear line between those who promise results they cannot deliver and true experts who understand their craft and consistently perform their jobs professionally.

If you are interested in learning the best methods of digital marketing, it is relatively easy to find a quality training program. When you choose the right program and invest time and effort into learning the best practices for digital marketing, your results will speak for themselves!

What Should I Look For In A Digital Marketing Training Program?

Digital marketing training is the next explosive topic in education, according to experts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 32 percent increase over the next decade in jobs for marketing research and marketing specialists.

However, many schools have not yet implemented good digital marketing programs to teach the skills necessary to perform in those jobs. Experts are noticing “skill gaps” in the graduates of marketing programs, particularly in the area of digital marketing.

However, while many schools are neglecting these important classes, there are schools that offer dedicated courses designed to teach the necessary skills. Several online institutions offer certificates or degrees in digital marketing, and bricks-and-mortar business schools are slowly coming around to the idea. 

Of course, just because a class is labeled “digital marketing” does not mean that it teaches the skills necessary to succeed in this field. A good checklist of skills is critical to determining if a program meets your particular training needs. At a minimum, digital marketing classes online should include the following content:

  • Use of social media in marketing
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Content creation for digital marketing
  • SEO and PPC methods and best practices
  • Creative direction for digital marketing
  • Sales
  • Digital media options

Some Great Digital Marketing Training Options For Every Learner

There are a wide variety of courses available to digital marketers, and only you can decide which one is right for your particular needs. Many courses offer free introductions so that you can determine which formats best meet your requirements and learning style. Here are some great programs that offer a variety of formats and curriculum. One of them may be perfect for you!

  1. Fremont College Digital Marketing Degree — Fremont's Digital Marketing program offers a wide range of topics and skills for those who want a fast and profit-geared approach to digital marketing. Courses are available that allow students to learn about brand packaging as well as social media best practices. Fremont treats students as pioneers in the digital world, encouraging them to take their place at the “forefront of the technological revolution.”
  2. AdWords Study Courses — Google offers a number of free courses online for anyone who wants to learn more about paid advertising. You can even earn an AdWords Certificate if you're able to pass their online test. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about PPC.
  3. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Courses — Hubspot Inbound Marketing offers a wide range of certification classes that cover a variety of topics. Best of all, these are free marketing classes online! The courses cover SEO, blogging, constructing landing pages, nurturing marketing leads, and even topics such as conversion analysis and reporting. Tying all of this together is the umbrella of inbound marketing strategy. For a jumping-off point, this may be a great start for those who are new to the world of digital marketing.
  4. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Courses — Hootsuite has made its mark as one of the easiest ways to manage multiple social media platforms, but this site is more than just a pretty face. Hootsuite has now branched into education with its social media marketing courses designed to teach tips and tricks to make your use of SM more effective. Not only can you sign up for free platform courses, but you can also receive certification in various areas of digital marketing as you progress through the courses. There is even team training available for larger groups.
  5. Marketing Profs University — In some ways the most traditional of these courses, Marketing Profs University offers courses that are designed to fit individual needs. Included in the lineup are quick “bootcamp” style classes on writing for digital media and more intensive classes on email use and search engine marketing.  Marketing Profs offers flexibility in the form of both online and instructor-led training that is matched to each learner’s unique style. Further, students are free to skip over parts of the courses that they do not need or rearrange their order so that every class is tailored to their specific content requirements. The courses are even offered in on-the-go mobile format.

As you can see, there are many options from which you can choose when it comes to training in digital marketing. Find the program that best fits your needs and open up new doors of opportunity in the digital marketing field!

What is your top recommendation for a digital marketing class? What is your preferred online course platform?

Chris  Foerster

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Chris Foerster is a digital marketing manager, technology junkie, and blogger for My News Tips. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar or gawking over classic cars.
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Louis Havriliuc

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hardly anyone ever mentions simulations. They are some of the most effective methods of learning. Simulation technology has evolved so much that nowadays you can reach more learning objectives in a shorter amount of time and with less cost than many of the tried and tested methods out there.
Many people are still reluctant to try simulations because there are so many of them out there which are poorly designed. That's what they know so they cannot accept a new perspective, get that there is a new way of doing things.. It's true that the members of an industry determine its attractiveness and historically speaking the simulation and gaming community has been one of the least attractive. Also, universities have this 'tradition' in that they cannot associate their carefully groomed images with someone which has developed learning content except when the latter have the right bona fide. You can see how this leads to inefficiencies and 'clubs' of educators which ignore efficient methodologies to the detriment of their students.
How do I know all this? I am the creator of the original digital marketing simulation game. My pioneering work has helped thousands of students from around the world get to grips with the basics such as designing a landing page and setting up a paid SEM campaign. I have more stories to tell but it's getting late here in Transylvania (Romania, Eastern Europe).
Justin Bilyj

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

This comment was deleted.
Chris  Foerster

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Justin Bilyj
Thanks for the additions Justin. It's a nice list of possible courses for anyone that is looking to get their feet wet. Ultimately, I feel that a degree is the best option if you decide that it's something you want to pursue. I definitely see value in all of the above, however.

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Hey Chris, this is a great list! May I suggest one more? In the same vein as Hootsuite's, the CX Certification from ReviewTrackers is an excellent (and free!) primer for digital marketing beginners - http://learn.reviewtrackers.com
Cody Oelker

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Thank you Chris, this is a great article. Some of the best and accurate advice, easily explained. I have been working with many businesses, small and large, for many years in an effort to help them grow their business in an honest and powerful way but I still have learned something new from this post. I look forward to more great and insightful posts like this in the future.

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