When we talk about event trends, the vast majority of predictions are technology-related. The move to mobile will become more pronounced, for example. The sheer number of smartphones out there shows that this mode of communication is set to dominate; in Hong Kong alone, an estimated 96 percent of the population uses a smartphone every day to go online.

More general trends also imply technology – the move from passive audiences to interactive audiences, for example. We now fully expect to engage actively with brands and, to some extent, create the event experience for ourselves.

Underestimate the work of the technologist – that person who specializes in the confluence of technology, business opportunities, and people – in your social media activities, traditional ad campaigns or event planning, and you could see ROI start to slip.

Technologists are critical members of the team, not just for creating the tech wizardry that will impress the pants off your audience, but also for uncovering what’s reasonable and what elements of your strategy are executable (and will deliver on your program objectives).

Here are some of the most beneficial ways technologists can affect your next marketing campaign if you bring them in at an earlier stage:

1. Streamline Your Planning

It’s not just the event or the campaign itself that technologists can revolutionize; it’s the planning stage, too. Bring technologists on board early, and you can benefit from more streamlined planning. Say goodbye to lengthy meetings and scrapbooks full of scribbled ideas. Technologists can help you digitize and consolidate your planning.

2. Bring Physical and Digital Together

Everyone’s into digital right now, and virtual reality is beginning to enter the mainstream. But the physical world is still highly important to audiences and consumers.

Technologists can help bring your digital and physical strategies together to give people the richest experience possible. Nike has done this in a great way with its Soccer App campaign, which involves projecting soccer pitches onto urban areas.

The physical and digital can be combined in many exciting ways, like wearable devices and augmented reality activities. It’s important to enlist technologists who can bring their creativity to your campaign and show you what’s possible.

3. Map Your Campaign Journey

Beacon technology, if utilized in good time, can help you create the most exciting and productive journey for people to take with your brand. Beacons can detect users’ locations and connect them with the most relevant, personalized information as they travel. It also helps to keep audiences up to date with last-minute changes to programs and products so your participants know you have every detail covered.

4. Get a Head Start on Tech Issues

When you turn an event or a campaign into reality, you’ll run into inevitable technical issues. Technologists are often called upon when these issues arise, as emergency knights in shining armor, but why not get a head start on these issues by asking technologists to get involved earlier? They’ll show you where problems might arise, test out tools, and offer early feedback on your ideas.

5. Provide Personalization From Day One

P&G has teamed up with athletes to offer fans a customized experience of its sporting events. Using a custom app, special guests and fans can track their favorite athletes as they progress and get special access to stats and interactive opportunities.

Bring in technologists to help customize your campaign from day one so users know as soon as they interact with your brand that they’re in for a very special experience.

Don’t leave your technologists for emergencies. Get them involved from the birth of your campaign so that you can utilize big data, streamlined planning, and customization, all while avoiding problems that could send your strategy back to square one.

How does your brand incorporate technologists? Where do you bring them into the process? Let us know in the comments.

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Daniel HilbertDaniel Hilbert is the senior vice president of U.S. events at GES, a global event marketing company with a long history of connecting people through live events. The company has more than 3,000 passionate employees throughout the world who provide unparalleled service and consistent execution of breakthrough experiences that blend art and science to foster engagement. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
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