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5 Reasons to use AdWords for Website Promotion

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5 Reasons to use AdWords for Website Promotion

We probably will be right if we assume that those businesses who are just going to enter online market frequently question themselves: “Whether we should start with website promotion in organic search results or use paid search?” Many may quickly discard the paid search option as one which requires a lot of investments. However, we would advise to consider this variant due to the number of advantages among which are budget flexibility, immediate results, super-precise targeting, and other.

In this article we will be looking at the biggest pluses of Google AdWords as the most widespread paid search option these days.

What is the Google AdWords?

AdWords is the Google product, which puts your ads in the paid search sections of Google search results and charges you on the pay per click basis, which means you pay only for the clicks on your ad, not for the number of times when your ad has been displayed, for example.

To reach your target audience, AdWords allows to define a list of keywords which should be typed as a search query for your ad to be shown. Such AdWords keywords are determined by the customer, but there are a number of special tools which will help you not to be lost in this.

For a start, there is a Google AdWords keywords tool which will cover your basic needs. For more options and competitors keywords discovery you can make the use of special AdWords keywords tool which gives you a number of useful tools to peek at your competitors paid search keywords, their ads statistics as well choose the keywords for your own AdWords campaign. An example of such keyword suggestion tool is SEMrush, which helps you deeply search for the most winning keyword ideas and find competitors keywords as well.

What are the core advantages of running AdWords campaign?

High relevancy to the users

Not all advertisements are the same. For example, with media ads (such as TV, radio, etc.) there is a lot of wasted spend, as apart from the fact they are expensive, they also cover a wide audience. With ads in the search results you already know the need which the user has come to with, so when they type in a search query ( and this is the keywords which triggers your ad) you are immediately appear in front of them offering the product or service which directly corresponds to their need. This improves your conversion and saves your money.

Precisely targeted campaigns

The array of tools available within AdWords account allows you to specify the audience you would like your ad to be shown to as precisely as possible. For instance, with geographical targeting options you can select just a certain location where the users have to come from in order to see your ad, or you may choose to target the whole country or globally. If your prime interest are the users accessing the web from mobile devices, you can cover just them in your AdWords settings. And of course, you can set up the time and specific days when you would like your ad to be displayed.

Immediate results

If to compare two variants of online promotion – organic search and paid search - SEO is more bulky and clumsy, if we may say so. When you begin your SEO campaign you should be prepared to wait for some time (at least 3-4 months) to start getting decent rankings in the search results. After SEO campaign has started it is not so easy to alter any part of it, so right at the beginning you should be clear on your long-term goals and keywords which you would like to be ranked for in the future.

With paid search the situation is quite the opposite. In your AdWords campaign you may alter the keywords and other components anytime you like, the effect will be immediate, and you will be able to measure it properly in the statistics Google offers.

Lots of experiment opportunities

Specialists frequently highlight this particular feature of paid search marketing – the ability to quickly and harmlessly change the set of keywords you would like your ads to be shown for. So, for example, if you doubt which one among the two keywords would be better to use, try them both! You can test one and then another a little bit later. Google analytical tools will help you determine which performance was better. When you are running tests in AdWords, make sure to select a sufficient time interval, so you could obtain correct results.

Rich analytical data

Comparing with other means of advertisement, where it is difficult to measure the exact return on your investments, advertising with Google AdWords gives you comprehensive information to assess the financial side of marketing campaign. Within your account you can easily check how much you spend, and with the help Google analytical tools you can set up the goals which will show how many conversions (for example purchases) have been made on your website thanks to this form of advertising.

The bottom line

Website promotion in the paid search results has some really solid advantages which make it a good option to try when you want to tackle seriously online search niche. Considering that there is no minimum entry level, starting AdWords campaign can be possible for companies even with small budget. The experience which you will get in turn will help you better understand your target audience and successfully apply this knowledge in SEO as well.

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