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5 SEO Tips to Capitalize on Facebook Graph Search

Sean Malseed
5 SEO Tips to Capitalize on Facebook Graph Search

So, the new Facebook Graph Search is pretty big news. I've been following it closely, and it's been a big topic of conversation here at the office.There's really no question that it's important.Sure, the buzz around it will die down.The important point to remember, though, is this: once the buzz goes away, Facebook Graph Search will simply be the default way people search for stuff on Facebook.


So, how will your business fare?Are you prepared for the Graph?Do you even know where to start?Let's look at 5 simple points that you can do right now to maximize your impact on social graph, and even benefit from it in a major way.

1. Have a good business page.This one is obvious.Just like in SEO, optimizing an ugly page won't get you far.Are you really sure that your business Facebook page looks good?It's not hard.You should have a proper timeline cover pic.The right size for your cover photo is 851px by 351px.Make sure your profile pic is the right size.You should upload this as 180px by 180px, and it will display as 160px by 160px.I use this great template I found on Facebook.

2. Have accurate and searchable business information.Specifically, you can find this under Edit Page - Update Info.Here, you need to make sure that your Category is set up right, as well as making sure that you have accurate information and keywords in Description and Products, and of course, the correct Website.

3. Build an audience, NOW.Seriously.This is the most important point.Now is the time to build your audience, because this alone will be the primary reason you'll show up in Graph Search.


Remember, the whole point of Graph is to let a user see what their friends, and friends-of-friends, like.The more likes you have, the more times you'll show in search.Spend a little money, promote your page with some featured posts and Facebook ads, and it will pay off when Graph launches and your competition is left far behind.

4. Update your address.If you have a location or a local place page, make sure that your address is entered and accurate.This will ensure that people performing a location-based search will find you.One of the big things with Graph is that people can enter plain-speech queries.So, there will be a lot of queries like "find a barbershop in my hometown" that will rely on your business having proper location information.

5. Make sure you have a posting schedule.Try to post something at least every other day.Want a good example?The Kraken Rum does it right on their awesome business Facebook page - they post something silly and memorable once a day to keep their audience engaged.

facebook_graph_customer_engagementNot only will this draw more likes by way of shares, but you'll be keeping your growing your audience and keeping them involved with your business - isn't that what marketing is all about?

For more information, check out Facebook's own page on helping people discover your business on Graph Search.I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this!

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