5 Unsexy Industries Doing Great Content Marketing

Jayson DeMers
5 Unsexy Industries Doing Great Content Marketing

There’s a perception that you have to be in a “sexy” industry like fashion or cosmetics to shine when it comes to content marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, executing a content marketing strategy in an unsexy industry can give you a serious competitive advantage because the competition will likely be far less intense.

This post demonstrates how five companies in “unsexy” industries are dominating content marketing. If companies in these industries can flourish, just imagine what your business could accomplish using content marketing!


Construction Company MarketingConstruction Company Marketing

Construction doesn’t usually come to mind when thinking of “sexy” industries. However, Mandala Homes is managing to achieve some pretty outstanding results when it comes to content marketing. They have an active presence on Facebook with nearly 80K fans, and a blog that appears to have been regularly updated since 2008. Their website walks visitors through every stage of the process of building an engineered home: from how to purchase, to the exact steps to setting it up, to an interactive project timeline so readers know what to expect during each month of the building process.


Government MarketingGovernment Marketing

While we typically praise the efforts of more flashy brands who use engaging visual content to succeed at content marketing, Gov.uk is a cutting straight to the chase; the United Kingdom Public Sector information site cuts out all the extras, and aims to simply provide concise, straightforward information so visitors can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Their tagline, “The best place to find government services and information: Simpler, clearer, faster,” says it all. The content on the site is neatly organized and pages load quickly, meaning visitors can quickly access important government info with only a few clicks. While it may not be the most visually appealing site, its simplicity and efficiency give it a content marketing win in my books.


Dentistry MarketingDentistry Marketing

Dr. Joy Dental, a group of dental clinics in Dubai, uses content marketing to promote the benefits of dental implants, veneers, and good dental hygiene. Despite having over 40,000 Facebook fans, the page’s admins respond to every single question posted. Their blog offers practical advice for dental patients, including how to prevent cavities from a young age, to the difference between a root canal and a filling. Their Google+ page invites patient reviews, and their YouTube channel offers patient testimonials along with helpful information and tutorials.

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene MarketingFeminine Hygiene Marketing

“Shame free women’s health company” Hello Flo is doing a great job of taking what has traditionally been a sensitive topic and taking it mainstream. Their website copy takes the embarrassment out of feminine hygiene, using taglines like, “Special delivery for your hoo-ha.” Their blog, titled “The FloDown,” is regularly updated with content that’s probably appealing to their strictly female audience; they have even segmented their content based on age, with sections titled “Puberty,” “Pregnancy” and “Menopause.”

In terms of social networking, they have an active presence on all the major platforms, with YouTube perhaps being the most followed. Their video “The Camp Gyno,” which depicts a 6th grader who goes from unknown camper to camp period expert after getting her “red badge of courage,” has accumulated over 11 million views.

Car Rentals

Car Rental MarketingCar Rental Marketing

Renting a car may be a necessity at times, but that doesn’t make it sexy. Car rental company Enterprise is dominating content marketing on a number of levels; and recently voted the “friendliest car rental company,” their social media profiles certainly seem to back up this award.

From humorous videos on YouTube to responsive customer service on Twitter to inspirational travel-related posts and pictures on Facebook, Enterprise knows how to engage with its target market. Their new website (still in beta at time of writing), provides an easy-to-use reservation system, and destination guides for a variety of locations, targeted to frequent travellers.

Conclusion: Marketing the 'Unsexy'

The key to content marketing success is providing relevant and useful information to your prospects and customers. If you think of it in these terms, it’s easy to see how any company – even those in “unsexy” industries – can succeed when it comes to content marketing. Tutorials, buying guides, humorous videos and product demos are all simple yet effective strategies that can be used in any industry. I hope the five examples above have convinced you that even your company, no matter what industry it’s in, can achieve content marketing success.

What other “unsexy” companies or industries do you know of that are doing great content marketing? Share below!

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Jayson DeMers is the founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing and social media agency. He’s also a contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com and other major media publications. You can contact him on LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.
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Accountants! Definitely! One of our firms was looking at the tagline "Brilliant at the boring".
Nik Hudson | Digital Marketing
Inspiring. Any ideas how to make medical equipment sexy?
Nathan Turner
Great post. I have written for so many dental clients that I could probably work in a dental office. Market the unsexy. Love it.
Kathleen Burns
Nathan Turner
While blog posts and emails are great for dental, you should tell your clients that they can have a lot of fun with video marketing in the dental industry! I think it's a missed opportunity. ;)
Nathan Turner
Kathleen Burns
We actually started doing that a while ago and have slowly gotten better at it. Hopefully we will see some results soon

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