5 Ways To Find New Keywords

Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

May 07, 20153 min read
5 Ways To Find New Keywords

One of the best ways to find new keywords is the Google AdWords Search Term Report. However, it’s not the only way. The Search Term Report shows what search queries triggered your ads and if they are not added as keywords yet, you can add or exclude them right then and there. What people search for on your own website and all the search queries that are not triggered by current keywords are two things the Search Term Report cannot provide.

Here are five free and paid ways to find new keywords.


Übersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that generates alphabetically sorted lists of keywords.

Type in a sample keyword in the search box, select a language, and choose a source such as Web, Images, News, Video or Recipes. The tool will then generate lists of search queries that include the keyword you inserted. Here is an example for the keyword “car rental”:

If you see keywords that are worth saving, you can add them to your basket and retrieve them later.

Search Box Queries

If you have a search box on your website, you can use Google Analytics to check what people actually type in. This is ideal if you are looking to add exact and phrase match keywords to AdWords campaigns because you can add specific searches from your website to your campaigns. Search queries from Google might not necessarily be what people search for on your website — as a matter of fact they are nearly never identical — and it also helps to better understand how your content is perceived.

For instance, the information people look for with the search box on your website might be on the page they are looking at and you can use this valuable piece of information to make whatever they looked for more prominent on the landing page. Examples are adding arrows, changing the font size or make it italics and bold.

Substitute Products

In Porter’s Five Forces, substitute products are mentioned as one of the threats to businesses. If you have the budget to try something new, look into keywords for substitute products or services for what you are offering. For instance, Coca-Cola can advertise for coke as much as they can for orange juice or other beverages that might be substitute products. Depending on how much or little related the substitute products or service are to what you are offering, you might need to create a new landing page to ensure a high Quality Score on AdWords and a high Relevancy Score on Facebook.

Google Instant

You may have never heard of Google Instant but you have used it a million times. Google Instant is the search enhancement Google introduced a while back that suggests search queries as you are typing in the Google search box. It speeds up the search process and is in general a great update but the neatest way to use it is to find out what the most popular searches are.

Google Instant

For instance, you could type in your most profitable keyword and see what Google suggests. You can then add the relevant suggestions as broad match modifier, exact match and so on depending on how broad you want to go.


Last but not least, Semrush is a great way to steal keywords from competitors. Not only does the platform show you what Google or Bing keywords your competitors are using but it also shows an estimate of how much they are bidding.

This is genius because you get an overview of what your competitors are doing SEM wise on both platforms and at the same time you can see what they prioritize. Furthermore, Semrush shows volume trends as and the CPC distribution per country.

Here is an example with the keyword “Ritz Carlton”:

Use SEMrush to find keywords

Use SEMrush to find keywords

The platform shows a comparison of the different CPCs per country, the volume trend, as well as phrase match and related keywords. If you take a closer look at the related keywords, you see that the Four Seasons in Chicago is not only a competitor offline but also online. Furthermore, you could compare desktop and mobile.

Here is the result for the domain “RitzCarlton.com”:

Use SEMrush to find keywords

You can see that you get different results for keywords and domains. The screenshot above shows valuable insights such as the fact that the hotel chain does not run any display advertising whatsoever. The domain searches are the golden nuggets for finding new keywords because you can retrieve the top-performing keywords of all competitors. Take a look what you see below the fold:

Use SEMrush to find keywords

Not only can you see that branded keywords perform best for the Ritz Carlton but you can also see the biggest competitors.

What keyword research tools do you use?

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