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6 Brands that Are Defining Instagram Strategy

Amy Farr
6 Brands that Are Defining Instagram Strategy

Instagram is adamant about sticking to the integrity of being mobile-only. So not only do we have to be creative and unique with our Instagram strategy, we also have to jump through a few hoops to do it. Anyone can have an Instagram account, but only a select few may have the capacity to invest time and sustain a uniqueness which captures a following that is almost cult-like. So let’s take a look at six Instagram accounts who are doing it right.

Oreo (@oreo)

Every picture by Oreo is unique, high quality and promotes their brand. They’ve been setting the Instagram account bar higher than most can throw for quite some time.


Cinnaman Bun (@official_cinamanbun)

The masterminds behind this account, Steve Stenholt and Matt Fuller, use Photoshop to replace celebrity/athlete’s “man buns” with an actual cinnamon bun. And it’s hilarious.

man bun

Girls with Gluten (@girlswithgluten)

“Gluten-Free” is all the rage. Except for the more than 50,000 people who follow an Insta all about attractive girls, a clever angle and gluten. Lots and lots of gluten.

girls with gluten

Instagram (@instagram)

Guess what? Instagram has an awesome Instagram account! They tell a story with each amazing photo. To top it off, the stories are of actual “Instagrammers.” May we all have sweet dreams of the official Instagram account featuring our photo.

Instagram Tiger

Socality Barbie (@socalitybarbie)

As a parody of basic girls all over Instagram, the pics are artsy, high quality and have clever captions. Socality Barbie looks so trendy in all her photos that I kind of want to be her bff.


Uber has pretty much rocked mobile so it only seems natural they have a top-notch Insta. I predict some kind of collaboration of Instagram and Uber in the future.


There you have it digital marketers! The funny, the artsy, the inspiring. What can we learn? Sustaining a unique and creative Instagram that resonates with an audience takes time. So have fun with your Instagram strategy, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Of course, there are so many awesome accounts out there that it would be impossible for one list to name them all. So let us know which accounts are also “defining the Instagram strategy!”

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