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Chris Marentis

6 Factors That Will Affect Your SEO Strategy Timeline

Chris Marentis

For many brands, SEO marketing is a strong tactic that effectively boosts visibility and conversion rates. However, many fail to realistically anticipate the time commitment and proper foundation that is required.

The reality is that SEO can become a game that closely resembles a never-ending chess match. However, you can increase your chances of success by knowing what to expect and building flexibility into your timeline.

Here are six factors to consider that can have a tremendous impact on your SEO outcome.

  1. The Job That Never Ends

Much of SEO is about maintenance. The right strategy focuses as much on solving today’s problems as it does on preventing tomorrow’s. Much like a fitness routine, stopping or skipping either of these practices will have a dramatically negative effect on results. Focus first on identifying your current SEO problems and creating a realistic plan to fix them over time.

  1. Getting Technical

It’s not always easy to identify why rankings change, as there are usually several variables at play. Design, code and past decisions can all lead to unexpected fluctuations in rankings. You can mitigate the chaos tremendously by beginning with a solid foundation, which usually starts with a site audit. Once you have your baseline, you’ll be in a better position to craft an effective SEO plan. Keep in mind that when fixing a technical problem, it’s not unusual to see a sudden drop in rankings. This is rarely indicative of actual performance. You should see eventual and steady improvement over time.

  1. There Is No “I” in SEO

Many brands fail to realize that great SEO takes a committed team effort. There are innumerable factors that affect success, and many of these factors rely on cooperation from other departments like social media and IT. Be sure to leave room in your timeline for SEO buy-in from other teams and especially executives.

  1. The Right Moment Could Be Any Moment

When looking for KPIs, it’s all too easy to focus on virality. The truth is that it’s nearly impossible to predict what will and won’t go viral and when, as the right time could be any time. There are, however, a few ways to increase your odds of producing content your audience will love and want to share. These tactics include:

  • Using seasonality
  • Leveraging a current or trending event
  • Simply brainstorming great content you think people will find exciting.
  1. ROI Is Rarely Black and White

Thanks to the ever-evolving algorithms of SEO, it’s often difficult to detect precise ROI produced from specific actions. Instead of focusing on how much traffic a particular keyword generated, look instead for true KPIs that add value to your overarching goals. These might include:

  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Growing conversion rates
  • Producing positive publicity
  1. Work With A Trusted SEO Agency

If you feel in over your head, a skilled SEO agency can have a dramatic impact on your ROI and timelines. When seeking assistance, be wary of individuals or companies that promise the world and guarantee exact numbers. The right SEO firm should be more interested in helping you achieve your specific business goals than merely improving rankings.

By taking the time to assess your SEO foundation, implementing time-conscious strategies, setting realistic goals and communicating these to the larger team and executives, you can set your brand up for long-term SEO success.

Chris Marentis

An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, a provider of local digital marketing services and technology. With a coaching-centric approach, Surefire Social raises businesses’ local search presence through hyper-local search, display, social and mobile strategies.
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