6 Reasons Why Psychology Increases Social Media Sharing

Hassaan Khan

Jan 08, 20167 min read
Why Psychology Increases Social Media Sharing

If you ever thought about influencers' social media success, you've probably noticed a number of factors that are involved in the influencers popularity. There are certain common things which take their personal brands to the next level such as a huge number of followers, a dedicated audience, and the regular re-sharing of their content.

That being said, it's true that these top guys get a lot of traction on social media. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that we can't get that.

It’s totally possible.

We've had so many chances to grasp the moments but probably we never realized. In fact, I want to make sure that you never miss out such opportunities again. This could be an untold strategy, however, it would nothing be like a rocket science, so settle in and spare your 10 minutes.

In this article, I'm going to take you into other people's shoes in order to show you that how people perceive, observe, and react to your social media activity. Trust me, if your social media isn’t working well for you, you would start evading it, and that's not an option, which is why I thought to put forward some psychology to enhance your social media exposure.

All this doesn't mean you have to play a psychological trick with the friends and followers to increase your popularity or to gain more followers. Before we go any further, let me explain three ways how psychology increases social media sharing by attracting the audience:

3 Ways to Attract People on Social Media

Following ways to attract people on social media are rather some rules to follow without asking for favors, going aggressive on someone, or spending hours and hours on social media:

  1. Use it, don't play it

This point states that you have to use the power of psychology to influence the community. It could be giving away to the community without asking something in return. This way, you could earn credibility and respect. Lewis Howes told in a podcast interview with Pat Flynn that he interviewed hundreds of experts and professionals and promoted others for three years and never asked for a return, and then people started asking him that whenever you need something, don't hesitate to ask. He used that favor-card after three years while launching his e-book 'The School of Greatness' and all those people loved to promote it.

  1. Evoke thought-process

Writing a Facebook status or creating an interesting tweet looks so simple. You've had this thing done many times a week, but you might not have utilized the real power of that status update or tweet by arousing the thought-process. When did you last time tweet which received a dozen of retweet and likes?

In order to achieve the social media engagement, you have to trigger the positive discussion. Every time a helpful article might not work, even if you share others' content too. People would start assuming that it's another article --- whenever you would post something. Keep surprising fans and friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. In addition to that, try to ask questions and share views (with seeking input) to get a response from close friends and dedicated fans.

  1. Find common interests

One of the amazing ways of attracting your audience and building a new one is discussing the issues and topics of common interests. If you're a content marketer and have a reasonable relevant following on social networks, try to ask different questions in the social discussions and expect people to answer you. This not ends here, instead, keep coming back and forth to check others' contributions and try to respond to the maximum people. LinkedIn Groups are known for quite engaging discussions.

6 Reasons Why Psychology Increases Social Media Sharing

Humans are inclined to build, feel, and honor relationships. And, psychology is the study of mind and behaviors. This article is written to help you understand the relationship of psychology with social media growth. Here are the reasons why you should focus on psychology while using social media networks:

  1. Sense of Giving

It all begins with the quality content when a writer does the effort to deliver something. It's necessary for a writer to make readers feel that there is a sense of giving in the message. When the readers feel connected with the writer which is possible either when the writer tells a solution or say something that resonates with the readers, it becomes likely that the readers would share the content on social media.

Everyone wants to create an impact on social media, whether they're social media guru or just a regular social media user, whether they know the principles of social media networking or not, they might share the content with their friends and suggest them to check that out, if they really find something in it.

  1. Value-driven Content

The value in the content is the ultimate reason why people share content with followers and friends on social media. This point reflects the importance of quality of content. The readers want to know what's in the bag. The value-driven content has a few features that make it standout and those features are:

  • Evergreen in nature
  • Shareable for readers
  • Full of solutions
  • Written with a clear mind
  • Clarity of target audience

The psychology isn't just how you dramatize your story in the content, in fact, storytelling could be a vital strategy to increase the social media sharing of your content, but the value coming out of the content would be something more important than storytelling.

In other words, using this strategy, a blogger can imply to deliver value to the audience, and in return, the blogger expects readers to get connected with him/her via email newsletter signup or social media following.

  1. Personalize the Connection

One of the secrets of taking people on board with your brand is personalization. It means to bring them closer. The blog posts with title and content related to personal experience work really on social media because people want to know what happened with others so that they learn a lesson from it or make themselves updated with something new.

Here comes the opportunity for content creators who want social media sharing. Personalization triggers the social media sharing because the audience feels a little attached. It could be a life-changing experience, an accident, a success story, or any other personal life event.

Darren Rowse always talks about personalization while discussing the community building and readers engagement strategies. He recently shared in his podcast ( episode #62) that he is at the home office and his children are playing outside the room, so he owes an apology to the listeners if the noise disturbs them… (It wasn't that noticeable, though), but what happened afterwards was quite funny, I smiled while listening to his podcast and took it on a lighter note. And, I'm sure other listeners would have done the same because Darren did the right thing, he admitted the issue.

So, personalization is another way to get closer to the people, and when there is a good message in it, people really like it.

  1. Social Involvement

Social involvement means how you care about the people connected to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean the fans on the social media, instead, it could anyone who knows you. There isn't any specific rule or formula to achieve social involvement. All you need is to get out there, go out of your comfort zone, talk to the people, tell them solutions and help them get something done for themselves.

All of us use Facebook or Twitter, the best way to start social involvement on the internet is by starting a discussion, commenting (nicely) on others' status or sharing, and leaving your point of view on their activities. The purpose should be giving out a positive impact. This makes people more associated with you and they absorb value out of your every talk and sharing.

And, then it helps you to build a community around your social media profiles because others respond to your updates, activities, questions, polls, and content sharing.

  1. Ending the Curiosity

The psychology isn't just about intriguing the readers to sell something. Instead, it should be something that puts the full-stop on the uncertainty. The content marketers always try to answer the queries in their content, in fact, sometimes they start their article with such titles that give an answering tune.

For instance:

  • Here is the checklist of writing great content
  • The ultimate guide to making money online
  • This is what you need to do after installing the WordPress

When a blogger does that, and the relevant reader finds that content from any source such as social media, search, or recommendation, and wants to open it as soon as possible, because this is something that helps.

  1. Problem-solving Effort

If your content solves the problems of the readers, they're likely to share it with their audience. It' s a natural phenomenon. Everybody wants to get value, and smart people know that they can't achieve the value unless they share something valuable to the community, and it's a good thing.

Do it whatever it takes. In content marketing, the articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos are the tools that could be used to solve people's problems. Whether you launch your blog using WordPress or create infographics using tool like Visme, it doesn't matter what type of content you create, what matters is, you should be passionate about the content you're making for the audience, because if you're not, you won't be able to put your energy in it, and you won't do that, and then it might not be worth it.

An ordinary thing might not solve people's problem, so, the more different, the better.

When you create problem-solving content, people like to share the value with their friends and followers --- because they know that it helped them --- and, it's going to help others as well.

Have your content shared more by solving people's problems.


The psychology of influencing others makes you prominent. This is an engagement art which makes your voice louder and picture clearer. Getting some retweets or Facebook shares is a byproduct of something more valuable.

The influencers who create extremely popular content which gets shared a lot on social media, they don't create that content to get hundreds of social sharing but create it to change readers' life. The social sharing comes as an output.

So change lives and shape your destiny.

Hassaan Khan is a blogger, vlogger, and an entrepreneur. He helps people in building their personal brands. He loves to cover content marketing, personal branding, and blogging on his personal blog. Follow him on Twitter.

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Hassaan KhanHassaan Khan is a blogger, freelance writer, and a personal branding enthusiast. He works with brands and helps them create useful content for their blogs. He writes his personal blog and provides freelance writing service. Follow him on Twitter.
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