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6 Ways Mobile Apps Can Fuel Business Growth

Keval Padia

From calculating expenses to providing event timelines to processing credit cards, mobile apps have significantly changed the way many small businesses engage with technology. Mobile business apps are increasingly becoming a requirement for every business. Mobile apps for both small and big enterprise s bring an array of elements boosting the growth and performance, most importantly engaging customers with the business and enhancing their interaction with the products, services and other deliverables.

Building your own mobile app is not at all expensive and cumbersome a challenge as it was just few years ago. App development companies with diverse niche focus and credentials are always eager to quote a competitive rate for a business app that takes care of your entire business requirement.

Moreover, until you land on the mobile space with your business app, you cannot compete for a larger audience to target as potential customers. Using a mobile app will open the door to a global audience, surpassing the typical local constraints that cause many businesses to suffer from lack of exposure. Here are six ways that mobile apps can fuel business growth.

1. Expand Your Customer Base

You never know when your local product will become an instant hit in faraway countries! This is a typical experience shared by countless local businessmen belonging to "remote places" after they began to offer their local delicacies and localized products over the Internet and, most recently, with mobile apps. Having your own mobile app, you can expand your product reach. A great app store, an optimized mobile app and successful digital promotion for the app is all that you need.

  • Most users remain on the move today and they prefer mobile apps more than other digital avenues.
  • With a great mobile app you are not limited to local buyers.
  • With Geofencing, beacon or similar GPS and Bluetooth tracking feature in your app you can track potential traffic and market your products as per user locations.

2. Boost Traffic and Brand Awareness

It is the brand name and company’s logo that will be displayed all the time on customers' mobile devices thanks to a business app. This ensures a constant top-of-mind mentality when it comes to users and your brand: your app is always at their fingertips and, more importantly, it's always helpful. Some statistics prove that good opinion about a brand directly depends on the mobile experience in many markets. A great app takes your brand to the tip of customer's mind whenever he reaches the device screen or ventures to use the app for some purpose. Moreover, through a great mobile app you actually boost traffic to your business website and social page as well.

  • 61% of users possess a great impression and opinion of a brand just because of their satisfactory experience with the mobile app.
  • A mobile app provides better chances of getting noticed with a continuous presence on the mobile screen; the brand is likely to make a stronger brand impression than any other means.
  • A mobile app offered in unison with a larger digital strategy comprising social media and business website gets more digital traffic than a lone website or social page.
  • A mobile app makes your customers and peers share your brand name through prescribing and spreading news about the app.

3. Enhance Customer Engagement

A website is somewhat dependent upon organic search results. But a mobile app on your screen is something you consciously download and install for your use. Naturally, the latter will get more attention and involvement than the former in many respects. The mobile screen with an array of apps is always visible before your eyes and it just takes a finger touch to go to an app and use it. So as far as customer engagement is concerned, mobile apps are far ahead of all other digital avenues.

  • Mobile apps offer a native experience that users can access anytime.
  • Mobile apps with device optimized features make engagement a fun experience.
  • When using a mobile app to access business products or service, you are at your ease. You can flexibly get back to home screen and come back to the app at your convenience.
  • Mobile apps offer contextual and responsive capacity as per customer location and preference. For instance, a business app will provide contact information that is relevant for the user in that location, not all contact details.
  • Latest GPS and Bluetooth enabled technologies like Geofencing and Beacon will further help engaging users based on their location.

4. Optimize Customer Service

Customer service in any business is crucial for addressing issues and thereby helping to retain customers. With a mobile app on the customer’s device an array of issues can be addressed on a continuous basis guaranteeing quality customer service over a period of time. Absence of such an app actually creates grievances and issues that culminate in major dissatisfaction from a formidable portion of customers. If the power authority in your city offers a mobile app that lets them gather complaints and address outages, they can collect data, respond to the outages and maintain communication with their customers, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

  • With a mobile app it takes just seconds to make complaints, ask questions or report issues.
  • A mobile app option offers a continuous way for businesses to address customer concerns.
  • Customers feel a peace of mind with continuous presence on their handheld device.
  • Companies can use mobile apps to educate, retain and serve customers.

5. Enhance Revenue Potential

There is no better way to shop than using your own handheld device. Users are already using apps to shop for products, book tickets and subscribe services.

  • A mobile app serving as a business store remains open 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.
  • Ordering products and services is extremely simple with a mobile app on your smartphone screen.
  • With latest authentication tools and technologies like the use of geometric identity, the security and ease of purchase became largely optimized.
  • Latest payment technologies like Apple Pay or still-to-come Google Pay making payment became hassle free whether for online or offline shopping.
  • Emerging technologies and fast paced trends in shipping made delivery extremely reliable and least time consuming.

6. Gather Data: Business Analytics and Employee Engagement

If you're a larger company, you can provide a mobile app to your employees. This creates an avenue for feedback and exposure to mobile technology. This will further pave the way to more collaborative business insights and better business intelligence.

  • More workforce engagement on digital space.
  • More meaningful business collaboration.
  • Greater employee participation in business decisions.

Let’s Wrap Up!

While the role of mobile app in fueling business growth is a reality no one would deny, the relevance, usefulness and competitive standing of your app will be decisive in making it deliver. Have you found success with a mobile app? Let us know all about it in the comments.

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Keval Padia is a Founder and CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a mobile game developer with acute knowledge of mobile game design and user experience design. His vision is to become the best iOS development company, which can transform people's ideas into fully functional applications at very affordable prices.
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