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7 Apps That Are Changing the Way We Live and Travel

Boris Dzhingarov
7 Apps That Are Changing the Way We Live and Travel

Mobile devices are already taking over the world. You will find it really difficult to go somewhere and not see people on their smartphones or tablets. This is largely because of the appearance of apps. It seems that now we have apps for everything we may want to do with a mobile device from checking the weather to checking traffic on our websites. Being connected to the Internet is easier than it ever was and apps simply make our lives better.

In the list of apps below, I did not mention the obvious ones like Twitter or Facebook. Apps that help you build a social media strategy or an SEO strategy are a little rare and do not stand out as useful for everyone. I remained focused on some apps that are useful for most individuals, apps people may not know about and apps that can easily become a part of our lives.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is definitely useful for those that travel or that simply want to dodge rain when going to work. Weather apps are not new and there are many to choose from but Dark Sky does have great reviews and is particularly accurate.

Open Table

Open Table is useful for people that live in USA, Mexico and Canada. It allows you to quickly get tables at many restaurants, eliminating the risk that you get there and no tables are available. This makes it a perfect app for traveling with families. There are over twenty thousand restaurants that can be verified in real time.

To make everything even more attractive, you can narrow your search based on distance, rating or price. Make reservations, modify them or cancel them all from Open Table.


Few homes now have a scanner. They are quite outdated, but there are situations in which you do want to use them. For instance, maybe you need to scan some receipts in order to add them to digital accounting records or you have old photos that you want to store in digital formats. If you have a smartphone, you can use Turboscan for that.

This is an app that allows you to scan documents and then store them as JPEG or PDF files. That makes it really easy to add them to emails and the app is very easy to use.


You will not find a better translation tool for your mobile device. The app has over 80 languages. It can translate entire texts, phrases or words. You can even take advantage of a voice output option that allows you to identify dialects.

When you travel, language barriers can be quite disturbing. That is especially the case when you go to a region where your known languages are not spoken. Out of all the features of the app, the dictionary is the one that is particularly impressive as it offers context based word translations.


Waze is really good for drivers. It is much better than Google Maps and you will love absolutely all the features that are offered. However, the really great part of the app is that you get tips from users. These tips allow you to quickly get to your destination while avoiding traffic problems. Instead of just offering the fastest route to your destination, you will receive three routes, each with an ETA.

TripAdvisor App

Every person that travels and plans a trip knows Trip Advisor. However, most people do not know that there is an app launched by the website. It allows you to quickly find great restaurants and hotels in the area. While it is not 100% perfect since reviews are written by other users and can be subjective in areas that are not highly populated, it does help you to plan your trips on-the-go.


This is quite a unique app. It is aimed at those that need to prepare for a meeting. Refresh picks up and gives you information based on social media profiles and past communication. If you need to quickly prepare for an interview or for a meeting with a potential business partner, this is the app to use.

Never Underestimate the Usefulness of Apps

The seven apps above are just some that are really useful for people from all around the world. If you have a mobile device, you surely have at least 10 apps already installed. See what you can use in order to improve your day-to-day activities and it is a guarantee that you will find many that can help you.

What's your go-to app? Please let us know in the comments!

Boris Dzhingarov

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