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7 Creative Ways to Build Traffic from Social Media

Venchito Tampon Jr.
7 Creative Ways to Build Traffic from Social Media

It is beyond doubt that social media is a powerful and important traffic source for bloggers, business-minded people and enterprises. However, you can get easily frustrated by such traffic since it could be quite inconsistent. Here are 7 creative ways to build traffic from social media.

Periodic Posting

You’ll soon notice that new posts normally draw traffic from social media. After some time, new posts can take a dramatic nose dive but you could lessen the blow by consistently posting about new content. Not all your new posts are going to draw a significant amount of traffic coming from social media but the new content is going to frequently take the place of the traffic that’s declining to older posts.

Social Media Activity

One huge part of building traffic from social media is by becoming an active user and knowing just how every site works. You simply can’t expect social media to send traffic your way if you aren’t willing to make use of it in order to send traffic to others. The ones who make use of social media to only promote the content they make themselves only have limited success. To avoid this, support others while submitting quality content.

Understand Social Media Sites

Every social media site has an audience with distinctive preferences all its own. Your content might not be suited for each audience on social media, but if you know where you can fit best, you’ll become more engaged while you’re there and be able to develop your content in turn.

Don't Force Your Creativity

Not all posts will prove attractive to different social media users and that’s perfectly okay. In writing posts that you think won’t have any success on social media, you’re setting yourself up for frustration. You’ll have more favorable results when you only push posts that have higher chances for success. This might sound counterproductive but by forcing content that won’t go far with social media, you’ll hinder content that can prove to be attractive to your audience.

Repurpose Older Posts

In case you’ve found a new social media site to utilize, you can repurpose a few of your older posts there. During times when traffic might be slow, you can repurpose old content and, hopefully, drive some traffic to you.

Follow Up on Successful Topics

Analyzing traffic from social media allows you to see the topics which have garnered the most attention. If you notice certain trends, you could learn about the content that’s likely to reap similar results. Past successes could be good indicators of what’s going to result in future success.

You can also do a series of posts on a certain topic to keep your audience engaged and wanting for more.

Develop a Following

This can be simply done by doing similar things for others, i.e. giving their posts “up” votes or liking them. Similarly, you can develop a loyal following by treating your audience in a way you’d want yourself to be treated. You need to engage them in the comments section and answer their queries.

Do you have any more tips? Please leave them in the comments!

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Venchito Tampon is Co-Founder and Marketing Director of SharpRocket, a premiere link building company that specializes in link building services and content marketing campaigns.
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