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7 Useful Features in Google AdWords (You Might Not Be Taking Advantage of)

Jason Nelson
7 Useful Features in Google AdWords (You Might Not Be Taking Advantage of)

Google AdWords is a sophisticated advertising platform with a myriad of options for advertisers. Getting the most of out of it, and the best return on investment, requires deep knowledge of its features and keeping up to date on its latest innovations.

Let's look at seven useful features in Google AdWords you may not know about and could be giving your campaign a boost.

Image Ad Creation

Display ads and retargeting with image ads can be a great way to be top of mind and direct your message to customers in your targeted demographic. But are you worried about the design costs of creating the ads just to get your campaign started? Display ad spots come in a wide variety of sizes, which can make the process a bit daunting and expensive.

AdWords has a feature where when you enter your landing page URL, the system will automatically detect elements from your website and compose animated visuals ads. The options are nearly endless and you can select the ad(s) that you prefer. While they may not provide the same level of customization and messaging a prepared display ad provides, the automated ads can be a good way to help get a campaign started or test out different image ad options.

Create Image Ad

Flash Detection

Worried about elements on your website such as Flash not being mobile friendly? AdWords has got you covered. The AdWords system can detect Flash and won't serve the ads to mobile devices where the website won't perform well. This not only helps the user and advertiser, it also helps Google reduce non-performing ads.

Fantastic Support

If you use Gmail or other free products, you probably haven't seen much in the way of support from Google beyond support forums. But for a paying customer (where Google makes the bulk of its revenue), Google steps up their game and provides fantastic customer support.

Call 1-888-246-6453 and Google can handle anything from questions on campaign set up, to information on new features, to suggestions on campaign performance. This support number also services Google Analytics, Google Maps and Google Business pages.

Call-Only Campaigns

If you think AdWords ads are only about clicks to your website, you're mistaken. In February 2015, Google launched 'call-only' campaigns. These campaigns are only for smartphone users and when the call ads are clicked (they can appear next to the more traditional AdWords ads), a dialog box pops up on the user's phone to complete or cancel the call.

Call-only ads yield no website clicks, just calls, which are billed as clicks. The ads have a different format and set up than traditional AdWords search ads. Customer conversion rates tend to be higher with call-only ads. Google also continues to offer a call extension as an option within traditional AdWords ads.

The Call Out Extension

If you've used AdWords, you're probably aware of extensions, which add additional features to your ad. A big part of search marketing is claiming as much real estate you can in targeted, prominent positions. If you aren't using extensions, you are losing opportunities.

By adding extensions to your campaigns such as your phone number, business address, website links to other relevant and important user pages, you can gain additional real estate and calls to action for your Google search ads.

Google has recently launched a new call out extension, in which advertisers can promote different features on their product and service such as 'Free Shipping,' 'Free Consultation' or 'Limited Time Offer.' Location, reviews, and sitelinks extensions are all valuable features you should consider adding to a campaign.

Remarketing is a Powerful Tool That's Easy to Set Up

Remarketing is a campaign type in AdWords that allows you to continue to serve ads to users who have visited your website or mobile app. You can do remarketing with image ads or text ads and can target websites contextually or through managed placements in which you set websites on which you'd like your remarketing ads to appear.

Remarketing may sound a bit like stalking but it is an affordable means to get past visitors to your website coming back to you and stay top of mind.

Sync Up With Google Analytics

If you haven't linked your AdWords account to Google Analytics, you're missing out on a whole host of convenient, useful features. Among the powerful tools at your disposal are: import goals in Google Analytics as a conversion, create remarketing lists in Analytics for AdWords, and view your Analytics data in AdWords along with AdWords keyword click and cost data.

AdWords is not a set it and forget it form of advertising. Keeping up to date and taking advantage of new features AdWords offers can give you a leg up on your competitors and improve the returns for your campaigns. And if you want better performance from your AdWords campaigns, consistent monitoring and optimization are a necessity.

Do you have any additional Google AdWords tips? Please share them in the comments!

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Jason Nelson is a consultant at Ascent Internet Marketing, which provides Web design and Internet marketing services. Jason is certified in Google AdWords and has more than five years SEO experience.
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