7 Video Tips To Impact Your Website’s SEO Rankings

William Johnson

Mar 04, 20154 min read
7 Video Tips To Impact Your Website’s SEO Rankings

Videos are rapidly becoming an integral part of the online marketing strategies of influential and innovative companies. They have taken center stage for businesses when it comes to communicating important concepts to their target audiences.

However, the audience watching the video may not always click through to the business’ website. There might be multiple reasons for that:

  • The content is irrelevant.
  • They might not be able to find your video easily.
  • There's no specific reason why a viewer should watch it.
  • The potential viewers can't understand what the video is about.
  • It has not been promoted properly.
  • The video is too long for the audience to watch it patiently.

You can plan the video usages properly, though. For example, sites like clickmeeting.com suggest the use of video conferencing as well for streamlining your business processes. No matter what you do, ensure that videos are able to boost your rankings on the search engine significantly.

But, how can you do that?

Here are some quick tips to ensure that these videos will boost your search engine rankings:

  • Provide value and try to solve problems
  • Host the video on your own domain
  • Ensure that others can embed your video
  • Use metadata prudently
  • Get a video sitemap
  • Make use of YouTube
  • Create interactive videos

1. Solve Problems through Video Conferencing

These the qualities people look for when searching for a video on the Internet. So, you need to provide excellent content that can help people solve different types of problems with your expertise. Your videos also need to have some new information, which will attract the attention of the viewers. You might share these tips with the audience through video conferencing to reach out to them in a more effective manner.

While creating the videos, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and then try to figure out the problems that they face on a regular basis. Make your videos the perfect platform to provide the solutions to those problems. Design them in such a way that they come in handy for the audience to accomplish a goal in a more effective way. This will help the videos rank high in the search engine results and, in turn, take your page up on the SERPs (search engine results pages) as well.

2. Host the Video on Your Own Domain

There are multiple platforms for sharing a video that you have created. These include Vimeo, YouTube and so on. However, it is always a good idea to host the videos on your own domain. If the video becomes popular, it will have a positive impact on the traffic of your website. Plus, you will also have some benefit if the video is shared or embedded from your website.

By hosting the videos on your site, you can bypass the ads that would otherwise appear before your video if it is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Having the video on your site means that no one will be able to take away any credit of the video from you.

3. Allow Video Embedding

When you host a video on your own website, you must be technically adept. You need to make sure that others can embed your video. This increases the number of backlinks to your website, potentially providing your site with a significant increase in traffic. This, in turn, will support the SEO results for your website.

4. Use Meta Descriptions Properly

Meta descriptions are important — be it for a simple web page or for a video. They play a major role in on-page optimizations, even for videos. And if these meta descriptions are created properly, the video hosted on your website may be shown at a higher rank in the search engine results. This will also increase the click through rates of your video, which is likely to help improve SEO results.

5. A Video Sitemap is a Must

The importance of video sitemap is immense, especially if you have videos hosted on your website. The sitemap plays an extremely important role in helping a search engine find the videos on your website. And once it does, the videos are likely to attract increasing number of visitors to your website. This will enhance the traffic and have a positive effect on ranking of your website on the search engines, thus helping in the process of search engine optimization.

6. Utilize YouTube as Much as You Can

True that it’s better not to use YouTube for hosting the videos, but that does not mean you should not make use of this video sharing platform at all. In fact, YouTube has a large number of users. That makes it one of the best platforms to tell the world about your business and reach your target audience.

You can share an introductory video through YouTube. Add a description and a link to the full video to drive traffic from YouTube to your website.

7. Increase Interaction through Videos

Interactive videos are extremely important these days. They are the perfect ways to create a two-way communication. Make use of such videos to ensure that you are able to grab the attention of your audience in the most effective manner. In turn, it will help to lower the bounce rate, enhancing your SEO value.

After planning and implementing your video SEO strategy, try to track and analyze the performance of your video over a period of time. This is likely to help you find out the possible ways for success on the SEO platform with the help of videos. This is likely to enhance traffic to your website, helping to drive the revenues. This should help the SEO rankings significantly, bringing your videos higher up in the search engine results.

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