7 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

Amanda Clark

Dec 06, 20162 min read
7 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

Any successful commercial relationship is ultimately going to be built on trust. If people are going to buy your products or pay for your services, they first have to trust you to deliver on your promises; what that means for business owners is that you have to make yourself trustworthy.

There are many facets to this, of course, starting with product and service offerings that live up to their value propositions. Then there is the matter of your website. Since your site is your virtual storefront, and sets the first impression that most customers will have of your brand, you’ve got to ensure that your site conveys trustworthiness.

Creating Trust Through Your Website

So how can you develop a site that makes it easy for consumers to trust you?

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Be careful with the ad content that displays on your website. Yes, banner and pop-up ads can help you generate extra revenue through your company website… but at what cost? A site that’s overloaded with ads for off-site products is going to come across as unprofessional, if not outright spammy. Ditch the ads. Make sure your whole site is just about you and your customer.
  2. Ensure a domain name that warrants respect. Calling a site CheapWeightLossSupplements.com makes it feel like an infomercial or, again, like spam. Your domain name should be your brand name, not a rambling product description.
  3. Make yourself available. Make it clear that any customer who needs to get in touch with you will be able to do so. Provide contact information throughout your site, including a Contact Us page. Don’t act like you’re hiding from your customers; that will hardly make them more trusting!
  4. Make it easy for customer to search your site. One way to ensure that your website seems trustworthy is to position it as a resource—not just a sales pitch, but a place consumers can turn for information. An easily accessible search function will show consumers that you really want them to be able to use your site.
  5. Proudly display trust seals. Better Business Bureau accreditation, certificates of excellence, five-star Yelp ratings… these are the kinds of things that make customers feel like they can trust you. Add them to your site!
  6. Show off your warranties and guaranties, too. Nothing builds consumer confidence like a money-back guarantee. If you offer one, place it prominently on your site.
  7. Display reviews and testimonials. Whether you’ve got Google reviews, Facebook ratings, or simply positive comments that customers have emailed to you, make sure people can see them somewhere on your website.

You need for potential customers to feel like you’re honest and worthy of their investment. Your website can go a long way in that regard. Use these tips to help your site cultivate trust.

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Amanda E. Clark is CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Grammar Chic, Inc. You can follow her company on Twitter.